WPMU DEV Premium relaunched

WPMU DEV Premium relaunched

You might have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet round these parts for the last week or two. Well, that’s because we’ve been feverishly working on a brand new version of WPMU DEV Premium that we think you are going to like!

First up… go check it out, and tell me that it isn’t an improvement :) https://wpmudev.com

More importantly though, check out these extra features now available to existing Premium members at absolutely no extra cost:

The WPMU Job Market

If you’re looking for a WordPress MU developer, designer or general handy person we now have the perfect place for you, The WPMU Job Market.

As a client, you can post as many projects as you like, and get contacted by quality developers – with full access to our services.

As a developer, designer or freelancer you can promote your services – for absolutely no extra charge beyond regular membership.

That’s the beauty of it too – you don’t have to pay per listing, or pay to apply, it’s completely free for all WPMU DEV Premium members.


The WordPress MU Manual

You remember the WordPress MU site admin guide that we released with WP.MU a few weeks back.

Well, we’ve gone one better than that – we’ve written and published an entire WordPress MU Manual, covering everything from installation to setting options, syncing with bbpress, running different plugins and more.

Check out The WordPress MU Manual and let us know what you think.

It’s very much a work in progress too – so we’ll be adding to it all the time with the aim of making it the ultimate handbook for WPMU, in pdf form for downloading or browsing online.

And we’ll be serialising it here on WPMU.org – so stay tuned for some seriously useful postings :)

Teh WordPress MU manual

Everything’s GPL

It’s official, every plugin and theme that we have ever released has been made GPL and every future plugin, theme or extra will also be too.

What does this mean – well, you can happily share plugins with your colleagues, use them on multiple projects, edit them and even publish your edits on our new forums (they now allow attachments) and generally use them as you wish – in the spirit of WordPress!

And, of course, you don’t need to be a member to use our plugins – once you’ve signed up you can continue to use them for as long as you like… of course if you want support and new versions, you’ll want to remain a member though :)

Forums on Steroids

Over the last year our forums have become more and more a critical part of the WPMU DEV Experience, so we’ve decided to give them some serious loving.

So, now (by request) we have a private forum for logged in members only.

You can also add attachments to your posts – something people have been using already at length!

And, we are even more active in our Advanced WPMU and Beginners WPMU discussions – which may or may not be assisted by an experimental reputation system…

WordPress MU Forums

In fact, so far, they have seen an incredible 9,630 posts! Let’s take them on to 20,000 in no time!

And there’s plenty more too… including overviews of our BuddyPress plugins, our WPMU monetization plugins and the different SEO plugins we offer too.

And yes, there has also been a price change, but we are grandfathering over all existing active members – so, if you are currently a member of WPMU DEV Premium, you won’t have to pay a single penny more now, or in the future.

Which sounds fair enough, wouldn’t you say?

So, there you have it… WPMU DEV hits the ground running in it’s third incarnation, and I’d have to say it’s my favourite yet :)

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