WPMU DEV’s E-Newsletter Plugin Sees Major Graphical Improvements

WPMU DEV’s E-Newsletter Plugin Sees Major Graphical Improvements

One of the nicest aspects of WPMU DEV’s E-Newsletter plugin has always been its graphical components – templates, color controls, WYSIWYG editor, etc.

With the latest updates to E-Newsletter, we’ve upped our game in that department even more.


One of the most prominent additions in this update is the inclusion of a new template called “Promy.”

Here’s a look at the default version.


Don’t like the header there? No problem. Another update includes the ability to change the header for nearly all the themes.

Here’s a new grassy-looking header I put into the Promy theme.


In addition to the above, you also now have the ability to choose the color of your titles and alternative text.


Along with the graphical updates comes a very practical addition of letting you now insert whatever you’d like in an HTML info box at the top of the newsletter.

In my example, I’ve only included a link, but you can insert whatever you like here.


Another practical addition is a reminder that pops up before sending a preview email reminding you to save your changes before the email is sent. This is easy to forget, and so this reminder is especially helpful.


In addition to the above, this latest update also sees the following improvements

  • All themes now responsive
  • Improved template selector
  • Increased limit of characters for “contact info” field
  • Improved queries for better performance
  • Improved viewing in browser

These improvements are nice, but they’re only a fraction of what’s available in the plugin. If you haven’t before, check out the full specs on the plugin page: WPMU DEV’s E-Newsletter plugin.