WPMUDev Sponsors WordCamp Poland Taking Place this Friday & Saturday

WPMUDev Sponsors WordCamp Poland Taking Place this Friday & Saturday

Bird takes flight in Poznań, Poland, as does WordCamp Poland (Fri & Sat – Dec. 9-10)

The second ever WordCamp Poland takes place this Friday and Saturday (Dec. 9-10) in the city of Poznań. WPMUDev is proud to be one of the sponsors.

The WordCamp, which organizer Paweł Ludwiczak says is focusing on a Polish-speaking audience this year, has lined up a number of guests covering a wide range of topics.

Below is a run-down of the events.

Earning with WordPress: How to Become a Freelancer

Presented by Paweł Pela

This session is for those who are wondering whether it is worth it being a WordPress freelancer. It covers how to begin, how you can get started without risking too much, and legal matters that may be involved.

Use Your Own Post Types and Taxonomies for CRMs

Presented by Michał Żuk

How to effectively use post types and taxonomies in the development of a CRM system for small businesses.

Poznań, Poland – Looking like a Toy City from the Air – Home to the Second Ever WordCamp Poland

WordPress on the Front and Back End – A case study from the site mojabochnia.pl

Presented by Maciek Kuchnik

The presentation will present a wide spectrum of applications in WordPress: classical CMS uses, a system to handle advertising, a way to manage web content. It’s all put into practice on several internet portals.

WordPress, Mobile Devices, and Scalable CSS Layouts

Presented by Cuba Niewiarowski

Members actively using mobile devices represent a growing proportion of people coming to our site. I will try to present different ways on how to customize your blog for comfortable reading on each device.

WordPress 4.0, Which is What’s New in the World of HR

Presented by Wojtek Szkutnik

Everything you need to know about the development of WordPress but were afraid to ask. Deals with the creation of new functionalities and what can be expected in future versions of WordPress and related projects.

Musicians in Poznań – Home to WordCamp Poland 2011

Solr and WordPress

Presented by Marcin Pietrzak

Solr integration. A case study of the use of blogs in the network http://blomedia.net/.


Plugin or Security Flaw?

Presented by Konrad Dzwinel

Plugins must be approached with skepticism because many of them are vulnerable and could allow unauthorized access to a site. I will show developers how to use the security mechanisms and how to properly create a secure plugin.


How to Optimize Your Time When Working with WordPress Templates

Presented by Marcin Wolak

Writing templates for WordPress is easy! But if can you do it quickly, efficiently, and without swearing? The presentation will discuss ​​templates, child templates, and many other methods to accelerate the creative process.



Church in Poznań, Poland

My Little WordPress: How to Convert a Blog to Tumblr Blog

Presented by Adam Klimowski

This presentation will show you how to create your own WordPress based micro-blogging system.

Modifications to the Admin Panel

Presented by Bartosz Bilicki

Often, building a site based on WP involes changing the master template and adding a few plugins. But what about the admin panel? How far can you go with the interface and functions? These and other questions will be answered during the lecture.

How to Reach the Top – Optimization and WordPress SEO

Presented by Magdalena Bród

Topic include: how to optimize WordPress, how to customize templates, which plug-ins to use in order to facilitate optimization, how WordPress is very well suited for search engines, and also about how (briefly) to position yourself through link building etc.


Romantic View of Poznań, Poland

Information Rulez!

Presented by Arkadiusz Stęplowski

Indexing, propagation information, and communication with users is largely dependent on the developers of templates and plugins. This session will tell what you can do better and which standards are worth implementing. We will go over best practices, as well as issues that cause templates and plugins to be rejected by potential clients.

An Examination of WordPress Frameworks Using Genesis as an Example

Presented by Szymon Skulimowski

What are the WordPress frameworks and should we use them? An overview of the most popular and interesting solutions. Thoughts of page creation based on the Genesis framework from the company StudioPress.

Poznań, Poland – Tram in Snow

WordPress – Theoretical and Practical Ways to Use Caching

Presented by Marcin Pietrzak

I will discuss methods for use in WordPress in relation to temporary and permanent storage. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. I will also present case studies.

HTML5 Errors to Avoid When Creating Your Own Themes

Presented by Michał Maćkowiak

Do you create your own WordPress themes? Are you already using HTML5? Learn what mistakes are most often committed and how not commit them yourself in your own projects.

BuddyPress – Your Own Social Networking Site in Few Steps

Presented by Jakub M. Milczarek

A few words on BuddyPress and examples of its use. This session will discuss BuddyPress functionality, the philosophy of building templates for BP, the possibility of rebuilding the default template for use in social networking, news in the latest version of BP (1.5), and various tricks and accessories.

Creating Plug-ins – How to Save Time

Presented by Robert Mikołajuk

Presentation for all those who want to learn how to create plug-ins and how to save time doing it.

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You can visit the WordCamp Poland website here (in Polish).

Keep up with their activities or just wish them luck here: FacebookTwitter.

Cobbled Square in Poznań, Poland – Home to WordCamp Poland



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