WPMU’s Best in WordPress: November 5th – 11th

WPMU’s Best in WordPress: November 5th – 11th


Lots of great links in this Best in WordPress episode, and we’re going to get right to it. This week, we focus on productivity plugins and styling your responsive sites.

1. Automatically Create CSS from Photoshop: CSS3Ps

If you use Photoshop and you design sites, you’re going to love this link. CSS3Ps developed a plugin for Photoshop which converts your layers to valid CSS3 to use inside your design projects. Works amazingly well and delivers clean code.

2. Ghost – The New WordPress?

John O’Nolan is one of the original WordPress UI developers and he’s dreamed up a new web framework called Ghost that puts the focus back on blogging; one, he claims, that doesn’t try to be an all-inclusive CMS, like WordPress. The concept propelled the post to the top of Hacker News.

If you want to read some interesting responses to John’s Ghost proposal (and get a glimpse of the potential new WordPress Dashboard), check out the direct responses from the WordPress creators and stewards at Ycombinator.

3. WordPress Invoicing Plugins: WPMayor

Small business owners and consultants who bill for time or services are going to love this post showing you a slew of cool plugins that help you create, manage, and send invoices inside your WordPress installation.

4. Responsive Design Considerations: Paulund.co.uk

This post teaches you everything you need to know about the viewport meta tag, which is used in responsive web design to resize your site for mobile browsing. It’s a long and informative tutorial, including links to other popular responsive web design resources.

5. 20 Icon Fonts Resources : WPLift

Icons fonts are great for adding simple graphics to things like menus, buttons, and text elements – all without having to use large images or adding http requests. This post gives you a list of 20 icon fonts you can integrate into your site for free.

6. The 5 Minute WordPress Install – Revisited: WPHub

If you’re a newbie trying to install WordPress on your server the famous “5-minute install” is probably the way to go. But if you don’t have access to Fantastico through your host you need another installation method. This post from WPHub revisits the popular install and helps you install WordPress using your cPanel and MySQL database

7. Responsive Menu Plugins for Mobile Devices: WPMUDEV.org

Making your menus more “usable” is just as important in responsive design as changing your site layouts. Changing clickable menus to drop-downs, rollers, or swipe-able menus was previously the domain of developers using custom code. But there’s a great plugin to help convert your menus in responsive design. This post shows you how to do it.

If you’ve found a great resource you think we should know about – please send us a note or leave a comment here.

That’s it for this week. Check back same time next week for more of The Best in WordPress.