WPMU’s Best in WordPress: October 28th – November 4th

WPMU’s Best in WordPress: October 28th – November 4th

We start off this week with a video interview of the WordPress creator by the Wall Street Journal. We end with a post on sliding widget panels. In between, you’ll find this week’s best WordPress posts from across the web covering topics like CSS grid systems, strengthening your community themed site, creating custom widgetized sidebars, and more.

1. Wall Street Journal Interviews WordPress Creator Matt Mullenweg: WSJ.com

This is a short, but good post from the Wall Street Journal – not exactly a bastion of great WordPress information, but this week they’ve got an interesting interview with WordPress creator, Matt Mullenweg, who talks about the future of WordPress and the web in general.

2. Create Widgetized Sidebars for Each Category in WordPress

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could customize your sidebar to display different widgets for different pages, without needing a premium theme or a custom framework? This post shows you how to do just that – automatically creating custom sidebars and widgets for your blog category pages.

3. 20 Plugins for your Community Drive Site: InstantShift.com

InstantShift.com has put together a list of 20 plugins that will help power your community-driven website – from the way you structure and display public posts to setting roles and user permissions to making your comments go viral. Viral comments? Yep, you bet.

4. CSS Grid Systems for WordPress Designers: Paulund.co.uk

Designing by grid systems were all the rage in the past few years. Now that responsive and adaptive sites are becoming the norm, planning your site is more important that ever. In this post, you’ll find a list of 20 of the more popular grid systems, several of them built to help you create your responsive web frameworks.

5. 10 Great WordPress Plugins for Restaurants: DynamicWP.net

In this post, you’ll find 10 plugins that help restaurants with everything from putting your menu online to booking tables. We’re partial to our Appointments + Plugin for booking gigs, but this post is a good reference for your eatery.

6. 5 WordPress Plugins for Increased Writing Productivity: Lifehack

We’re big fans of increasing your productivity. It’s one of the reasons we wrote our own article on markdown editors for perfect post box formatting in WordPress. But this post from Lifehack gives you information on 5 plugins that help take care of blog administrative tasks and let you focus on writing.

7. 5 Great WordPress Plugins for Sliding Widget Panels: WPMU.org

In this article, we show you 5 great plugins to add sliding widget panels to your site. The sliding widget adds user interaction to your site and can help tuck away those unsightly, but necessary, administrative web functions. Check out the article to find out more about these 5 plugins.

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