Youtube Player Plugins for WordPress That Dial Down The Chrome

Youtube Player Plugins for WordPress That Dial Down The Chrome

Chromeless Youtube Videos Plugins for Your WordPress Site
An Example of Youtube Chromeless In Action.

Sometimes you want your Youtube videos to be viewed in a clever media player that will add in a ton of functionality to help your users get the most out of your content (like the excellent Embedplus).  Who wouldn’t want to have their users be able to get the most out of their videos?

Well there are, believe it or not, cases when a simpler design or set of features makes more sense or would look more attractive.  In those situations, a developer might want to decrease the amount of “chrome”, the graphical user interfaces surrounding the content, that is viewable or futz-around-able.  Here are a few easy, agile applications that will allow you to show as much, or as little, of a Youtube video as you would like.


The Youtube Chromeless plugin offers you the most basic function that can be hoped for: no chrome, none of the time.  Installation and activation are done in the normal way.  To use it in a page, simply enter their shortcode  with the youtube url of the video you want to play and an argument for the width.  The plugin will do the rest.


A WordPress Plugin To Customize Your Youtube Player To Match Your Theme
A Screenshot Of The Settings Panel For WP Youtube Player Customizer

But what if you want to add back in a little more chrome or even take a little bit more away?  There is a plugin to help you customize the Youtube player’s settings, parameters, and functions so you can customize how much you would like to take out, or leave in, when embedding the video.  A further functionality allows you to use a skin or customize the background to suit your needs.  When you are finished entering the settings, you press the Show Code button and the plugin produces HTML and iFrame versions which you can place anywhere in your WordPress site.

White Label

For those of you who are looking for a more comprehensive solution, you could hardly do better than the Youtube White Label plugin.  In addition to the ability to customize the look and functions of the Youtube player, you are also able to remove the Youtube branding on the video. A great description of what it does can be found here.