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ZillaDribbbler Plugin Displays Dribbble Shots in WordPress

ZillaDribbbler Plugin Displays Dribbble Shots in WordPress

I’m a pretty big fan of Orman Clark and his work with the team at ThemeZilla. Orman is an active member of the Dribbble community. You might even say that he’s quite the prolific Dribbbler. Since they are big time design junkies, the team at ThemeZilla has created a free plugin for showcasing your latest Dribbble shots on your WordPress site.

The ZillaDribbbler plugin makes use of the Dribbble API to pull in a member’s latest Dribbble shots. Activate the plugin and add your Dribbble username to the built-in widget. Select how many shots you want to display and then drop the widget into your sidebar. It’s a fast, easy way to showcase your work and might even gain you a few new followers.

You can also place your latest shots on a post or page using the ZillaDribbbler shortcode:

[zilla_dribbbler player="username" shots="5"]

Head over to the ThemeZilla to download ZillaDribbbler for free. ThemeZilla is a great resource for WordPress designers and developers and you’ll discover some cool freebies that aren’t available in the plugin repository.