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4. Cookie Declaration

Written by Ronnie Burt & Patrick Cohen | Last updated: March 25, 2022

This document outlines the cookies that may be used by our website, as well as cookies that may be deployed by plugins you may have active on your site(s).

4.2 WPMU DEV Plugins

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You may be required to alert your site’s visitors and users to the use of the cookies in your Privacy Policy or Cookie area of your website. The following WPMU DEV plugins may add Cookies to your site(s) when active.

WPMU DEV Dashboard

The following cookies are used by the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin when the Analytics feature is active. See this section in our WPMU DEV Dashboard document for details on how to allow your users to reject these cookies.
_pk_ses and _pk_id


The following cookies are used by the Defender plugin when specified features are active.

Used for the Password Reset feature.

Used for the Pwned Passwords feature.

Default WordPress cookie used to reset the user password when either of the above features are enabled, where {COOKIEHASH} is a default WP constant.


The following cookies are used by the Hustle plugin when specified features are active.

Used for the Number of times visitor has seen Visibility condition.

Used for the Never see this module again functionality.

Used for the Closing Behavior functionality.

Used for the Visibility after opt-in functionality.

Used for the Visibility after CTA conversion functionality.


While Beehive itself does not add any cookies to your site, Google Analytics does once that is enabled in the plugin.

For a complete list of cookies added by Google Analytics, see their help document here.