Converting your standard WordPress installation into a multisite network is a great way to expand your site’s potential.

To get started with WordPress multisite, check out our Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite.

2.1 How to Activate Multisite

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Multisite lets you create and manage an unlimited number of sites on a single WordPress installation. Put all your client sites on a network to save time when making updates or manage millions of blogs like or

In this section, we walk you through turning your WordPress installation into a network by activating Multisite.

Set Up Your Network

In this video we cover:

  1. Backup wp-config.php and .htaccess files
  2. Enable “Network Setup” in the wp-config.php file
  3. Choose a network structure – Sub-domains or Sub-directories
  4. Add WordPress generated Multisite activation code to your wp-config.php
  5. Replace mod_rewrite rules with new rules in the .htaccess file

For more information, read the complete guide to WordPress Multisite on our blog.


If your site is hosted by WPMU DEV, you can enable multisite with a single click. See our WPMU DEV Hosting > Tools doc for details.

2.2 Migrate a Single Site into Multisite

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In this section, we look at how to merge WordPress sites into a Multisite network. Also check out our blog post on moving a single WordPress site into a multisite network.

There are many reasons why you might want to do this, for example:

  • Save time. Instead of installing and upgrading WordPress, themes and plugins across many sites, you can do all of these things just once.
  • Easily manage your clients’ sites. If you manage sites for multiple clients, Multisite allows you to control all of your client sites from one place.

This video provides a step-by-step guide for migrating single sites into Multisite.

Visit the WPMU DEV blog for an in-depth guide to Migrating Multiple Blogs into WordPress Multisite.

If you get stuck, our WordPress support superheroes are available around the clock.