12 Days of WhiPmas and the Best WordPress Puns of the Year

12 Days of WhiPmas and the Best WordPress Puns of the Year

The WhiP is my second longest newsletter relationship. I looked through my Gmail archives and the oldest issue I was able to dig up was issue 345 from December 2015. I’ve been reading the WhiP for half its life and like the best relationships, it has been a delightful partner all the way through.

  • The WhiP survived my minimalist phase when I unsubscribed from all email newsletters except for 3.
  • I brought the WhiP with me when I changed my email address to my personal domain.
  • Even when I was no longer building sites for other people and was losing interest in WordPress, I still kept the WhiP around.
  • The WhiP even got me this job and rescued from cubicle hell. My hero!

That’s true love my friends.

If you’re not familiar with the joy that is the WhiP, check out the 800th issue right here. The WhiP is meticulously curated by our editors to provide you with the deep thinks, timely tuts, and all those sneaky morsels of web goodness, without the filler or affiliate noise. Only the best for our readers.

If you haven’t signed up for the WhiP, what on earth are you waiting for?

The web is a treacherous place. You’re just a click away from falling into the abyss and losing three hours, trying desperately to escape and being pulled right in by a Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You? quiz. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there and I’ll spare you the link because I care about your well-being :)

I’ve always felt like the WhiP really has my back. Keeping me up-to-date and informed without trying to waste my time. Such. a. relief. I can get the info I need and get on with my possible Illuminati life.

And then there’s the jokes, amiright?

Like a good friend to cheer you up on one of those days. I could always count on the WhiP to leave me happier after I opened it. Sometimes I even got called out at work for LOLing :) #worthit

So to celebrate 800 issues of awesomeness, here are my favorite WhiP puns of 2018 (and a couple classics I couldn’t resist).

On the 12th day of WhiPmas my true love gave to me…

  1. I’m sexy and I know Git
  2. It’s Guten Hot In Here
  3. Guten’ Jiggy Wit It
  4. Can I Get A WhiPness
  5. Diaries Of A WebP Kid
  6. It Don’t Matter If You’re #000000 or #ffffff
  7. ¡Ay, Chrome ba!
  8. A Developer Walks Into A Sidebar
  9. Don’t Look A GIF Horse In The Mouth
  10. All My UXs Live In Texas
  11. It’s Too Late To AMPologize
  12. Mother of Dragon Drop

Don’t be ashamed… puns are smart humor.

Oh, and a big tip of the hat to WhiP mastermind Rae Morey who clicked send on our first edition back in 2014. The WhiP went out to 93 people that day (mostly staff). Now look at us! Nearly 750,000 emails each week. With brilliant ideas like the WhiP, no wonder you are now running your own agency!

You’d think that after 800 issues all the best puns would be punned, but nope; they keep getting better. We have a farm full of free range dads producing all our puns now, so we have quite the backstock :)

So whaddaya say, you want to help take some off our hands?

What about you? How long have you been reading the WhiP? Do you have a favorite pun? I must know so leave me a comment.

Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin

Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin Felicia is a WordPress expert, specializing in web design/development, search engine optimization, Genesis, and enterprise WordPress multisite. She is a former WPMU DEV author, where she put her decade-plus of WordPress expertise to good use, writing friendly tutorials with soul.