WhiPping Up Something Special: +750,000 Emails Each Week

WhiPping Up Something Special: +750,000 Emails Each Week

Need the latest in WordPress but don’t have time to dig for what’s important – like a magical digest of the best news, opinions, tutorials, tips, tricks, comparisons, reviews and resources? You need the WhiP!

WhiPy Gitchi Ya Ya Da Da

Sign up and get an affiliate-link-free (pun-stuffed) curated round-up of the smartest WordPress content from experts around the web. You read that right…the WhiP has been affiliate-link-free from day one. Only the best for our readers.

Watch Me WhiP

Still not convinced, let me break it down for you. Watch me, watch me…

See what I did there? ;)

First, it’s completely free – not to be confused with cheap. Our professionals are on the hunt, plucking the most relevant content so you don’t have to. Like a well trained personal assistant filtering the noise so you can focus on what matters.

Second, we’re not going anywhere. In 2014 we sent our first edition to a mailing list of 93 people…mostly staff. Today, after nearly 750 issues we’re sending +750,000 emails each week (you can expect an update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Third, Affiliate-link-free. Just want to make sure you didn’t forget.

Fourth, we’re committed to protecting your data. That means you don’t have to worry about us selling your contact info to a data farm. The GDPRt Of War

Fifth, we take the time to provide a short tl;dr or teaser synopsis so you can stay relevant without reading every article. Your clients are going to be so impressed with your knowledge of the industry.

Sixth, it’s real smart. Both the content and our puns. Everyone knows puns are smart…and each edition is filled with educated humor that only the truly brilliant will comprehend.

Seventh, do we really need a seven? It’s free.

WhiP, Lose Or Draw

Delivered totally free 3x per week.

But in all seriousness, we know you’re busy doin’ work and connecting to the WordPress community can feel overwhelming. We are here to help our freelance, design and development friends win, so we bring you The WhiP. Free for the entire WordPress community!

The news you need hand delivered to your inbox. Take a peek. You’re welcome.

Now, what are you waiting for…get signed up before you miss another issue.

Already a reader and absolutely love us? We want to feature your support on our landing page. Tweet something special using #thewhip for a chance at 140 characters of fame! XOxoxxoo

P.S. And when your clients ask how you got so smart you can tell them, “I read it in the WhiP.”

Do you have a favorite WhiP pun? Tell us about it in the comments...it'll be fun.
Joshua Josh Dailey is a sales copy and content marketer for WPMU DEV. He built a successful media production and marketing business using WordPress products and services before joining WPMU DEV in 2012.