A Visual Guide To Setting Up WordPress for Business Sites

A Visual Guide To Setting Up WordPress for Business Sites

SimplyBusiness, a UK based company, has recently created an easy-to-read online flowchart for installing and maintaining a WordPress website for business purposes.

A WordPress for Business Website Design Process. Click image to enlarge.

The WordPress installation flowchart follows a 24 step process where you answer simple yes/no questions regarding your installation and WordPress acumen, and get design specific tips from leading WordPress websites across the globe (including this one!).

For example, step 2 asks if you’ve chosen a domain name yet. If the answer is “yes”, you proceed to the next step. If the answer is “no” you are referred to an article that provides a few tips for choosing a great domain name for your business.

Flow Chart Lesson Formats

The site does a good job of integrating multimedia formats with lessons based in both text and video.

Simple instructions, like which pages your business site must include are handled with text based tips; while more complex assignments are handled with video tutorials – like how to set up a Gravatar, or how to back up your website.

Popup Video Tutorial Guides You Through the WordPress for Business Process.


WPMU DEV Makes Your Business Website Better

After following the steps in the flow chart, you’ll have setup a standard WordPress installation and configured a few plugins and sharing options that help you tweak your site for business purposes.

But before you start doing business online you’ll probably want to add a few more business specific WordPress goodies, and for that you might read the following resources: