Add Age Verification to WordPress

Add Age Verification to WordPress

Commercial distributors of material deemed harmful to minors are required to restrict their sites using age verification. A couple common examples you may have noticed are alcohol product websites or game websites with content not appropriate for minors.

WordPress has a solution for websites that require age verification. The Age Verify plugin automatically adds an age verification form to your site’s homepage, barring visitors from entering if they are not eligible.

Here’s how it looks on the front end:

The plugin allows you to specify a minimum age and offers several additional options:

  • Choose to verify the age of guests only or all visitors, even logged-in users
  • Remember visitors for a set amount of time
  • Optionally require users to confirm their age before registering
  • Configure display options: overlay heading, description, styling, overlay color, background color, etc.

This plugin will help your website to comply with laws that restrict minors from accessing your site. Download Age Verify for free from the WordPress plugin repository.