Automate Your Facebook & Twitter Post Updates With These 2 Plugins

Automate Your Facebook & Twitter Post Updates With These 2 Plugins

Twitter & FacebookOne of my biggest bugbears used to be releasing my new WordPress posts into the social media world.

I live in the UK, but the majority of my blog’s readers are based in the USA. As such, I schedule my posts to be published at 17:00GMT, so that I get maximum exposure across the different time zones. Ideally, I would promote each post through my social media networks at the exact time that it is published. But sometimes that isn’t possible – I might be away from my computer, or I might simply forget.

Thankfully, my social headache is no more – two plugins have me covered.

1. Add Link to Facebook

This imaginatively-titled plugin does exactly what it says on the tin. Once you have it up and running (via a fully-documented setup process), every new WordPress post you publish will be automatically linked to in your Facebook feed at the time of publication.

The plugin is actually pretty powerful in terms of features and customization options, so make sure to explore the settings screen fully.

Add Link to Facebook Settings
Some of the additional settings you can fiddle with.

2. WP to Twitter

This plugin’s best feature is its ability to tweet out new posts, but it can actually do much more (including tweeting pages and edited posts). You also have the option to choose from several URL shortening services ( is my favorite).

As with Add Link to Facebook, the setup procedure is slightly fiddly but well-documented – this time in the settings screen of the plugin itself. As long as you read the instructions slowly and carefully, you will be up and running in a couple of minutes.

You can exercise full control over the way in which your tweets are put together using these shortcodes:

WP to Twitter ShortcodesYou can also create your own shortcodes based upon custom WordPress fields. Check out the settings screen of the plugin for more information.

Future Proofing

Both of these plugins were last updated in October and November of this year. WP to Twitter claims to be compatible with version 3.2.1 of WordPress, but the repository has not seen enough positive votes to give it the seal of approval. However, I experienced no issues with it during my testing. Add Link to Facebook is fully compatible with version 3.2.1.

Both plugins are highly popular, and as such, you can expect them to be well-supported in the future.

Creative Commons images courtesy of YOOTheme