Bing catching up with Google? Um, no.

Bing catching up with Google? Um, no.

Looking through the Analytics stats for this site,, for August (our biggest ever btw with 188,290 visits and 304,541 page views!) I figured I’d take a look at the Search engines traffic sources.

Which are (he says, congratulating himself ;) rather good – but more of interest to your guys, demonstrate the absolute paucity of use of Bing for search in our area (one I’d guestimate reflects 19-40 year old, mostly male, early adopters).

Bing, with a massive 0.4% share of our search traffic

In case you didn’t see the caption – that’s Bing with a woeful 0.4% of referrals.

And Google with a 98.5% share.

Despite plenty of articles suggesting that Bing is pushing 30% of market share.

Now, you could well argue that Bing isn’t really after us, after all we don’t click on ads (as a rule) and hardly compose the largest section of your general society… but still, it’s worthy of note, especially if you’ve considered looking into SEO and Bing of late.

The short answer to that would seem to be ‘why bother’.

The tragic element of which being that, mostly, when playing 3 search engine monte I tend to choose bing :/

Have you had a different experience? Do you give a rats about Bing when you’re thinking about SEO?