WordPress Question: Controlling Language Settings in WordPress Multisite

WordPress Question: Controlling Language Settings in WordPress Multisite

How to change the language in WordPress MultisiteDuring our WordPress Q & A session last week, we had several people mention difficulties with changing the language in WordPress Multisite.

This one was such question, from a WPMU reader named Tagit:

I followed all the instructions in the WordPress codex, to switch my Multisite install from English to Hebrew.

wp-config, downloaded he_IL.mo etc…

Hebrew works fine in the subdomains of my site, but I still can’t write Hebrew characters on my main site. The characters just render as question marks, like ????

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

Also, if there’s a way to switch the dashboard language to Hebrew, that would be a great help too. Since I’m not a developer I don’t know what the problem is or how to solve it.

Thank you very much!


Have you ever experienced something similar? If you know anything about language issues in WordPress Multisite, our friend Tagit would love to hear about it. Please leave us a comment below this article and share you thoughts on the matter.

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