New Features Coming to BuddyPress Checkins Plugin

New Features Coming to BuddyPress Checkins Plugin

Last month we let you know that the new BuddyPress Location Checkins plugin is now in beta. If you’ve been following this plugin’s progress, you’ll be happy to know that imath has added BP Checkins to the WordPress repository, in anticipation of some exciting new features, including:

  • The ability to add photos to checkins
  • Community Places – an area to share the places you like and have checked in
  • Foursquare API – members will be able to authorize BP Checkins to get their foursquare checkins

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect in the next version:

As imath is working on an upgrade, please feel free to jump in on the BP Checkins support forum to offer feedback and suggestions from your experience of of the plugin.

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