Display Higher Quality Avatars: Gravatar is Now Retina-Ready

Display Higher Quality Avatars: Gravatar is Now Retina-Ready

Note: The images above are not a literal representation of "non-Retina" and "Retina" displays.

Gravatar.com recently announced that they are now “Retina-ready,” delivering avatar images up to 2048px.

Retina, in this case, refers to the high-density display found on Apple products such as the company’s latest iPad as well as the Retina MacBook Pro.

Displaying Retina-ready images on your WordPress site is getting easier all the time. And now with Gravatar’s attention to Retina, your site’s avatars (gravatars) can shine through in high-def too.

While Apple has claimed the “Retina” moniker, expect a host of other devices from all sorts of companies to follow suit with high dots-per-inch (HiDPI) devices. In effect, what this means is that you can begin showing higher quality images on your site to those users who have devices that will display them in all their glory. It only makes sense to show higher quality avatars as well.

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