We’re Giving Away Two Free Copies Of The ‘WordPress 3 Cookbook’

We’re Giving Away Two Free Copies Of The ‘WordPress 3 Cookbook’

Win a free copy of WordPress 3 Cookbook from Packt PublishingHot off the press: We’ve found a new piece of WordPress literature that you guys might be interested in.

It’s called WordPress 3 Cookbook, with the tagline “Over 100 recipes to help enhance your WordPress site!”. You can get it in both eBook ($20.39) and paperback ($35.99).

The book is written by Ric Shreves and Jean Baptiste-Jung, and released by Packt Publishing (the same crew behind ‘WordPress 3 For Business Bloggers’, which we reviewed a few weeks ago).

About the book

WordPress 3 Cookbook is more of a ‘pick up, put down’ reference manual, rather than something you would read cover-to-cover in consecutive order. The content of the book is presented in nine chapters, as follows:

  1. The WordPress Cook’s Tools
  2. Installing and Customizing Themes
  3. Working with Plugins and Widgets
  4. Customizing Content Display
  5. Building Interactivity and Community
  6. Implementing Online Sales and Advertising
  7. Making an SEO Friendly Site
  8. Enhancing Usability and Accessibility
  9. Managing Maintenance and Improving Security

As you can see, that’s a very broad range of material, so don’t expect a huge amount of detail on any single topic. Nonetheless, the content is laid out in a clear and easily-readable manner, with lots of visual aids and practical tasks to keep the reader engaged.

The whole thing is compiled in a kind of question and answer format. Each chapter contains several ‘WordPress recipes’, (because it’s a cookbook – get it?), and each recipe seeks to address a commonly asked question about using WordPress.

For example, in Chapter 4: Customizing Content Display, you’ll find WordPress recipes such as ‘Using multiple loops’ and ‘Save time by using WordPress shortcodes’.

We would say this book is aimed at a ‘lower intermediate’ audience. If you’re a total WP greenhorn, this probably isn’t the first book you should read.

If you’ve already got a grasp on the fundamentals of WordPress and some basic coding skills, this is definitely a book you should consider adding to your collection.


Win a free copy of the new book WordPress 3 CookbookWe’ve got two copies of the eBook up for grabs, courtesy of Packt Publishing. If you’d like to get your hands on one, leave a comment below this article and answer the following question:

If you could learn one new WordPress skill this year, what would it be?

Please be as specific as possible. Tell us about something you wish you could do with WordPress, but don’t yet have the technical knowledge to pull off.

We’ll pick the two most interesting responses next week, and the authors will each receive a free copy of the WordPress 3 Cookbook. Get to it!