Add a Global Call To Action with Simple Side Tab Plugin

Add a Global Call To Action with Simple Side Tab Plugin

Call To Action-Post for missing bicycleDo you need an effective call-to-action on your website, that’s easy to set up and doesn’t bog down your pages? The new Simple Side Tab plugin will do this for you.

What Simple Side Tab does

Call To Action-Screenshot of Simple Side Tab on siteSimple Side Tab helps you put linked text running vertically in a tab on the side of your web visitor’s browser window. As your visitor scrolls down the page, the tab stays in place, always visible and ready for action.

Easy to use

Call To Action-Screenshot of Simple Side Tab SettingsSimple Side Tab is easy to set up. From one simple settings screen, you can:

  • Set the text for your tab
  • Choose fonts and styling
  • Set the URL your tab links to
  • Change vertical position of your tab
  • Select colors for the tab elements.

Room for improvement

Simple Side Tab uses clean code, and doesn’t make use of any JavaScript that might mess things up elsewhere on your site. This plugin truly is Simple, yet effective.

That said, I’d like to see the following added:

  1. Pick left or right side for tab.
    This is already planned for a future release.
  2. Add some Google fonts capability in there (but make it optional.)
  3. Add option for an icon at the top or bottom of the tab.
  4. Add a few font size options.
  5. Suggest to folks how to track clicks by using Google Analytics
    At the very least, mention tracking clicks and link to the Google URL Builder.

While anyone can use the URL Builder tool right now, if Simple Side Tab makes mention of the tool right in “Settings,” it shows how such a simple tool can be integrated with tracking systems to judge its effectiveness.

I’m going to try adding a tab to one of my membership sites for a while to see if it leads to any conversions. Why don’t you try the same?