“Hello, WP!” A New Podcast About WordPress by WPMU DEV

“Hello, WP!” A New Podcast About WordPress by WPMU DEV

We made a Podcast! And we can’t wait to share it with you. Literally. Our trailer and a special episode about Gutenberg and the release of WordPress 5.0 are now available for you to enjoy :)

Update 01/31/2019: Hello, WP! is now live at hellowp.world. Read our release post.

Listen and subscribe! The entire first season will be available for your binge listening pleasure in January 2019.

So welcome to “Hello, WP!”, a first of its kind journalistic podcast about WordPress.

Hello WP Cover art
Look at our rad cover art… thanks to our brilliant design team ;)

“Hello, WP!”

“Hello, WP!” follows Micah, a new user getting started with WordPress. What begins as a simple look at what it takes to setup a new site becomes an unexpected deep dive into the relatively small community powering nearly a third of the internet.

The majority of us just fell into WordPress. It was a simple solution. Most WordPress users are oblivious to the community that powers it, the volunteers that surround it, or the massive changes coming in 5.0.

It’s not until after we encounter our first plugin conflict or white screen of death that we find ourselves lost in an alternate WordPress universe… like a web-developer Comic-Con, complete with superhero mascots, 20-foot balloon floats and Wapuu plushies.

We slowly became pros in our own right and quickly forget what it’s like to be new.

And while you can always be learning you can never be “new” again.

“Hello, WP!” was created to bridge the gap. It’s a podcast for everyone, from the new user to the WordPress Professional. A show that gives a fresh look at what it’s like finding new products, services, and people you can trust.

“Hello, Gutenberg!”

As a special bonus we’re pulling back the curtain on Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 and hopefully providing a fresh perspective on the changes coming to WordPress.

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“Hello, WP!” is a podcast by WPMU DEV. It’s produced by Micah Dailey and Josh Dailey. Editing and original score by Micah Dailey. Our super design team Julian, Yudy, and Osh created our show art.

A special thanks to everyone we interviewed, to our small focus group (you know who you are), and our brilliant team at WPMU DEV.

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Joshua Josh Dailey is a sales copy and content marketer for WPMU DEV. He built a successful media production and marketing business using WordPress products and services before joining WPMU DEV in 2012.