How One WPMU DEV Member Built A Global Development Empire

How One WPMU DEV Member Built A Global Development Empire

WPMU DEV is a complete WordPress toolkit built by developers for developers. In the early days we just built plugins that we needed and thought, “hey, someone else might need this too”. 15 years later WPMU DEV plugins are installed on +2,000,000 WordPress sites.

But the foundation hasn’t changed…we build products and services for freelancers, designers, developers, agencies, power users and hobbyists that solve real-world problems quick and easy.


At the very top of our list is 1-to-1 member feedback from members that are using our products every day to manage and grow their businesses. So we started interviewing our members. Not only has this practice provided valuable insight, but it has also been incredibly inspiring to see how people are using our services to build their own businesses and impact their local communities.

Recently we were able to talk with Mike Bosch, the founder and CEO of Bethzoe, a digital development agency that builds mobile apps, WordPress sites, and offers WordPress management services. He shared how they’re able to make their services more efficient with WPMU DEV so they can produce better products for their global clients and give back to charities in their local community. Pretty epic stuff.

By sharing these conversations we hope to inspire our users and expose readers to new tools and resources (both pro and free) available through WPMU DEV. Enjoy!

Bethzoe home page
Bethzoe is committed to giving back to their local community and building tech that improves quality of life.

Joshua: Hi Mike! So glad you could join us today. I would love to hear more about your business.

Mike: Thanks for having me. I am the founder and CEO of Bethzoe. Our name is a play on the Hebrew and Greek words meaning “House of Life.” Our company seeks innovative ways to empower people to live better lives. This is both by the products we develop and the charities we support.

While we are physically located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have a distributed team spread across three continents.

Joshua: It seems like you’ve developed a healthy culture. It’s special when I get to hear how our members are linking their work and passions – and give back. What got you started using WordPress?

Mike: My wife had a friend that needed a website and they asked me to help them out. Whilst doing some due diligence, I found WordPress and it checked all the right boxes. After experiencing the simplicity and flexibility WordPress brought to the project, I was hooked and have been using it ever since.

Joshua: What services does Bethzoe currently provide?

Mike: We are a digital development agency. We started out providing bespoke websites on WordPress, and now also include maintenance solutions through WPGoby. Not WordPress related, but still awesome, our developers also build mobile apps.

WPGoby home
WPGoby provides maintenance packages for Bethzoe.

Joshua: So how did you find WPMU DEV and how long have you been a member?

Mike: When I first started, I was considering developing a myriad of plugins that would help people extend their WordPress functionality easily and economically. While doing market research I came across WPMU DEV. After looking through your product list and experiencing your support, I abandoned my initial idea and decided to use WPMU DEV to build an agency.

Joshua: Are there any specific WPMU DEV features or services that are saving you time or money with your client sites?

Mike: I love having all my plugins come from the same source. It speeds up the setup of new sites and keeps the cost down. With the Hub, we are able to install security, caching, image optimization, backup and branding plugins in a matter of minutes and all at a very affordable price.

We recently started playing with Automate and have to admit I was at first very skeptical about automating updates but we’ve been pleasantly surprised – though I am not sure why I am still surprised by the quality of WPMU DEV products.

Joshua: Are you currently using the Hub to manage your client sites?

Mike: We currently only have a subset of our client sites in the Hub. We’ve been testing the Hub for a number of months now and are considering moving more sites from our current site manager. We’re just waiting for the Hub 2.0 to come out first… so hurry up on that! LOL.

Joshua: Hahaha… we’re working on it and can’t wait to get all your client sites moved over.

Mike: One thing I love about the Hub is how simple it is to go from site-to-site. The most time-consuming parts of WordPress management is the logging in and out of the dashboards of each of your clients’ sites. With the Hub, it is so easy to manage all the clients’ sites without the need to log in and out. This saves us a huge amount of time.

Another aspect that is helping us *a lot* is the quick overview of all our sites we get when we log into the hub. We can see the vulnerabilities or updates required without the need to inspect each site individually.

Joshua: What WPMU DEV service have you been most impressed with?

Mike: Having dealt with many WordPress vendors over the years, I have found that, generally, with plugins, not much separates them. But the thing that astounds me with WPMU DEV is the support and community.

If you’re experiencing any issues or just have a general question you can be assured you’ll get advice from either the support staff or the community. This helped us expand our knowledge, find new tools, and has given us new and better ways of doing things.

Joshua: Do any specific experience stand out when it comes to the value of your membership?

Mike: When I was first starting out with Multisite and server administration I naturally had a few errors. Now when I say “a few” I mean that just about nothing was working. ;) I got into a ticket conversation with one of your support staff. After receiving my server login details, he basically reconfigured my entire server to get things up and running – and it did not end there. He then educated me how to do it next time. To say I was ‘blown away’ to have a support tech go above and beyond the support of their products just to help me out, would be an understatement. Turns out this was not an isolated case as the others have been just as helpful not once uttering the words we hear from other vendors, “this is not in our scope of support.”

Sample work
Bethzoe adds value to their clients by building quality software and web based solutions.

Joshua: Last question. Has WPMU DEV given you any Superpowers?

Mike: Superpowers? Is efficiency a superpower?

Joshua: Definitely!

Mike: In the past, when we didn’t have an answer to a question, it would often require an extensive Google search to find solutions. Now we have a direct ‘helpline’ with other WordPress experts that can assist us in solving issue ASAP.

Oh, and our clients love the reports. I suppose it gives them peace of mind to see we are actually working. ;)

Joshua: That’s perfect. Thank you again for taking the time to tell us about your business and how you are adding value to your business with our products.

It’s your turn. :) Use this link to get started free for 30-days or get our plugins free on

If you are using WPMU DEV to streamline your workflow or make your business more money I'd love to hear about it in the comments.
Aileen Javier
Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV