How To Easily Install All Your Favorite Plugins From

How To Easily Install All Your Favorite Plugins From

This is a cool new feature of WordPress 3.5 that you may find to be incredibly useful. A new “Favorites” item has been added to the Plugins >> Add New sub-menu, which makes it possible for you to pull in favorited plugins from

Add your username or anyone else’s and click “get favorites” to see a list of favorites. From here you can easily install all of them.

The only thing I wish is that the screen had the ability to bulk install all checked favorites at once instead of having to go back and enter your username again to get the list. The quickest way right now is to right click on the “Install Now” link for each.

Hopefully this WordPress 3.5 tip will make favoriting more useful to you on Create your own custom list of plugins to help speed up the process of setting up WordPress sites.

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