How to Get Rid of “Howdy” in WordPress

How to Get Rid of “Howdy” in WordPress

Howdy Pardner!

Tired of seeing that every time you log into your WordPress admin?

Howdy greeting
Let’s change this greeting, shall we?

WPMU DEV’s Branda white labeling plugin lets you replace that annoying word a custom greeting of  your own.

Check it out… just go to your WordPress admin menu and select the “Text Replacement” option in the Branda > Utilities menu, and activate the feature.

Branda Utilities menu
Branda lets you easily replace any text in your admin or front-end pages.

Once you’re there, it’s as easy as doing a “find and replace” for any text you like, with additional finetuning options.

Branda text replacement screen
Replace “Howdy” with whatever you like.

Click the ‘Add’ button and watch Branda immediately replace the old greeting with your new text…

WordPress Howdy greeting text replaced
Goodbye, Howdy. Say G’day instead!

That’s not the only thing WPMU DEV’s Branda plugin does, you can also use it to completely rebrand WordPress with your company credentials.

Check it out here: Branda White Labeling Plugin