I Hate Building Reports…Thank God for Visible.vc (Try It Free and 30% off?!)

I Hate Building Reports…Thank God for Visible.vc (Try It Free and 30% off?!)

If you’re like me, your working in a team – a lot of teams! You know communication is essential for keeping things moving along smoothly. But how do you get anything done if your constantly preparing and designing reports? You need to check out Visible.vc.

In my experience, working on multiple projects with a bunch of different people, I struggle to keep everyone in the loop! It’s *really* important…but it’s the last thing I want to spend time doing.

So, when I stumbled on visible.vc in my eternal quest to optimize my time with simple automated solutions, I was quick to give it a try.

Visible pulls all your data into one place and automatically builds professional business updates.

So How Does Visible Actually Stack Up?

Visible.vc integrates with your data, allows you to create beautiful data visualisations, share them with different groups on different schedules, and helps you keep track of who’s opened it and when!

If you’re thinking about 3 to 5 services connected with each other (or something like that) think again – the guys at Visible, have done it and done it well.

Note: If you’re anything like me and need to dig in to get the feel, just sign up for their free trial and then enter the coupon: wpmu_spectrum_30 to get a smashing 30% discount on your first year.

Anyway, here’s why I absolutely love them:

I love data, really really do, so I always look for tools to visualise, and lately, I’ve ended up with complex solutions to deliver bright, vibrant and beautiful stories with my data.

Visible allows me to integrate with my data sources, collect the data, do simple transformations, present and share it with everyone I need to keep up-to-date.

Integrations and Simple Data Transformation

The integrations are fast and run scheduled updates to keep your visualisations populated with the latest info, you can also do it manually if you need a quick report on the fly.

If you don’t see an integration you need, just request it. These guys are quick to deliver new stuff. Or, if you need it pronto you can build a custom one using their API builder. Super handy for pulling more data…(mmm data…)

Visual.vc also provides some pretty sleek templates for quickly outputting super common, but essential, reports for things like customer data, market data, market updates and much more. And the list of template reports is growing all the time.

Build Dashboards

The building dashboard is a blast – intuitive and easy. Before using visible, I spent loads of time on BI tools to create the perfect charts. However, when using gateways to run updates is time-consuming and expensive. Even though I have significant experience, it still was a pain.

With Visible you can create multiple charts and share them really smoothly. When you create an update, you can pull from numerous dashboards, and tell your story with great correlating visuals that are alway up-to-date.

That’s not all. If you want to use them for other things, export them on SVG, JPG or PNG. They even give you the perfect resolution for Keynote and Powerpoint. Lovely!

Update Everyone!!!

The visible updates are, in my humble opinion, the bee’s knees.

I’ve been able to create beautiful stories, connected to great data. It just makes the world a better place. ;)

Ok, I exaggerated a bit. But in today’s business world, compact and clear communications have been beaten to the verge of dying by old school (100’s of pages) reporting.

Visible’s ability to give you daily, weekly and monthly updates with crucial information is paramount to democratise your companies data in a language that everyone can understand. And the beautification of it is a great way to prove the importance of design and storytelling – because that’s the face you want to show to any stakeholder.

Pretty great, right?

Long story short, I am so happy with this find. So happy in fact, that after years of just financial and startup writing, I’ve done my first product review ever!

So I reached out to the team over at visible.vc and got them to work some magic with the numbers to get you a special deal. Get 30% off your first year! Just signup for the free trial and enter coupon: wpmu_spectrum_30 at checkout

That’s it!

Keep your stakeholders in the loop and benefit from all the time saving convenience and visual data goodness Visible has to offer – at special rate just for you. (You can thank me later. ;) Enjoy!)

How are you automating your life to help save time and money? Give visible.vc a try and let us know what you think in the comments.


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