Introducing White Label Client (and Developer!) Reports

Introducing White Label Client (and Developer!) Reports

Last year we asked you what you’d like to see from us in terms of new functionality in The Hub and one of the main requests was a full white label reporting system for your clients. So, guess what, we just went and made that for you.

Note: Reports is also both translation and subsite ready. Check it out!

This means that you can now look after every aspect of every site you manage, right here at WPMU DEV… that’s security, performance, uptime, SEO, backups, updates and now white label client reports.

Wanna take a look? Alrighty then:

Reports startup screen.
Reports lets you schedule and send customized client and developer reports.

As you can see, your Hub area now has a nice new tab. From the startup screen, you can choose to create a report, or, if this is your first time, click on ‘Learn more’ to discover some of its new features.

Creating your report is as easy as following our report creation wizard.

Create a New Report screen
Give your report a name and use the back and ‘Save and continue’ buttons to navigate the report creation wizard.

Let’s take a brief tour of the Reports section and you can then let us know in the comments area below what else you’d like us to add to this feature.

Although we don’t reckon there’ll be too much, especially given that you can include (or exclude) no end of different information.

Choose what information your clients can see in the Hub Reports section.
Include only the information you want your clients to see in your report.

And then, you’ll struggle to find a more enjoyable and easy-to-use branding customizer for your reports.

The Hub Reports Cover pages section
Easily rebrand your reports with a custom logo, colors, and copy.

And one thing we haven’t forgotten is that you, as a developer, would like a completely different report from the one your clients see… especially one that doesn’t outline what you need to do, issues or problems. You want to show your clients the roses, and by default the report does just that.

However, should you wish to provide a more detailed report (maybe to get some more work, maybe for yourself, maybe because you believe in radical transparency lol) then we have the option on this page to determine exactly that.

Report Type settings for client or developers reports.
Send more detailed reports to developers and limit what clients can see.

And, with unlimited domains and unlimited reports all as part of your WPMU DEV membership, you can create as many as you want :)

Which you can then, should you wish to (and why wouldn’t you) schedule to send out on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Schedule Report screen.
Automate your communications by scheduling client reports.

And populate with your own custom email content with pre-filled variables and add as many recipients as you like, you’re welcome:

Customize report emails screen.
Customize and send emails to anyone you want to include.

After which a quick summary allows you to check what’s up:

The Hub report generation screen.
See and edit report details, recipients, and report schedules, and preview your report before generating and sending it.

And, naturally, you can then review, download, edit or delete any reports from the new tab in your Hub:

Reports dashboard screen.
See all your reports in the Hub and tweak them as needed.

We figured you’d like to see a sample, so here ya go, a nice simple sample report for your clients and a more detailed one for your eyes only.

Also, be sure to check out our new Hub Tabs to make optimizing your sites even better.

And we’re not done, here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Integration with analytics for visitors, page views and other stats
  • Automate requirements for upgrades (currently you need to use Automate to get updates added… we’ll fix that)
  • Optional text and image areas to fill blank space so you can promote your services to help improve SEO, speed up performance, etc. (or provide them with hints and tips)
  • Better scheduling (think gcal repeat options)
  • Aaaaand…..

Let us know!

Give your brand new reports functionality a whirl and let us know how you’d like to see it improved :)

And, of course, if you don’t already have a WPMU DEV account, why not grab a 7-day completely free (no lock-in, no risk) trial today and have a crack!

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