I’m Going To Miss Posterous

I’m Going To Miss Posterous

A few days ago Twitter acquired Posterous in a move that surely was and is all about securing awesome developer talent. After all, what would Twitter want with Posterous, unless they are aiming for Tumblr in some weird distorted way? I’m not seeing that, I’m not seeing that at all.

So Twitter bought Posterous, and WordPress.com got a surge in blogs I’m sure. Importing from Posterous is simple and works great, you can do it to a stand-alone WordPress install or to WordPress.com. In a rare moment of actually trying to teach yiu guys something I’ll show you how you import your Posterous blog:

Step 0. Just for self-hosted WordPress blogs

Install the Posterous Importer plugin so that you can import from Posterous from the import page. Also, features importing.

Step 1. Go to Tools > Import in the WordPress admin interface

Step 2. Click the Posterous link in the box

Step 3. Do something else, blah blah blah…

Meh, I got bored with it, sorry. Just follow the steps, it’s dead simple. WordPress.com even has a handy guide for you.

I will miss Posterous however, not because I’m an avid user (my book is called Tackling Tumblr – not Petting Posterous – after all) but because I absolutely love the idea of publishing via email. Everything Posterous is via email, although you can use apps and web interfaces too, but email is the idea, and it is old, boring, failing, but also completely brilliant.

Updating a Posterous blog is so dead simple. Just write an email, send it to your email address, and that’s it. Published. There we go, a fully functional publishing app in every smartphone as well as dumbphones. In a lot of ways this is way better than the apps we use for updating our WordPress blogs.

WordPress supports posting via email, but it feels like a neglected feature. Even if it wasn’t it’d be less impressive than Posterous because to them it was the actual platform.

Email publishing. Love it.

In other news, I’m apparantly old.