Increase Your Site’s Social Media Exposure with ShareThis

Increase Your Site’s Social Media Exposure with ShareThis

If you lack exposure on social media networks, you’re losing out on 100s of millions of potential customers. ShareThis is a tool that allows your users to easily share your posts and pages to the major social media networks.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

ShareThis is extremely easy to work with. Just click Plugins -> Add New and Search for ShareThis. Install and activate.

Step 2: Configure the Plugin

From Settings -> ShareThis change the settings for the social media networks that you want to share with. It is strongly recommended you include the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

The ShareThis option lets users select from a broad range of additional social media networks, so try to limit your buttons to no more than 7. 7 Fits with most themes without causing width issues within the column templates.

Not all Themes are created equal, so test the theme with ShareThis to confirm the numbers of buttons you can use.

ShareThis is an extremely simple plugin that works with most themes. It can be embedded above or below each post. I recommend that you place the plugin below the page so they can share it as they finish reading but before they comment.