15 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help People Fall in Love with Your WordPress Business

15 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help People Fall in Love with Your WordPress Business

Why is Instagram so awesome? Let me count the ways:

    1. There are over 400 million users on Instagram every day.
  1. No character limits!
  2. It’s all about the visual content.
  3. Your posts don’t get buried like on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Companies on Instagram receive the highest follower engagement rates (2.3%) out of all social media platforms.
  5. It’s 100% mobile-based.
  6. It’s a great opportunity to show off your personality.
  7. It’s fantastic for companies with e-commerce product offerings, creative portfolios, or those who have a strong corporate culture they want to flaunt through photos.
  8. Over half of all Instagram users follow companies, making it the most brand-friendly social media platform.
  9. 44% of people use Instagram to research brands and their products or services.

Whether you plan to do anything with Instagram or not is up to you. For businesses that don’t have a tangible product or service that can be documented through photos may find this a difficult platform to play around with. But as I mentioned above, you could always use this to highlight the human side of your business.

If you’re excited about the prospect of using Instagram to generate more traffic for your WordPress site, let’s get to work.

15 Ways to Generate WordPress Site Traffic with Instagram

Let me start off by saying that Instagram is a bit of a tricky platform to work with.

Daniel Mather’s Instagram account

See how Daniel Mather’s link is not clickable in the example above?

St. Martin’s Press, a publishing company, use Instagram to promote its books.

Or how about how publishing company St. Martin’s Press had to include that “link in the bio” note within their message?

That’s because hyperlinks are not allowed in Instagram posts. Because of this, you have to get creative in what you post, when, and how you motivate people to engage with your brand and ultimately visit your site—since it takes some extra work on their part.

That being said, Instagram is a fun platform to get involved in. If you do it right, you may never want to stop. Here are 15 of my favorite ways to give your company and WordPress site a good presence on Instagram and motivate users to take those couple extra steps to get to your site.

#1. Instagram Integration

Before we get carried away with what you can do on your Instagram account, don’t forget to weave Instagram’s presence into your WordPress site. If you’re planning to make a major impression on Instagram, don’t just leave those photos to sit there. You can use any number of WordPress plugins to get an Instagram feed up on your site in no time.

#2. Give Your Bio Some Love

Barkbox provides a monthly surprise of dog toys, treats and goodies to subscribers.

Turning your attention back to your Instagram page, take a look first at your bio. You should use a similar approach to how you set up your other social media bios. Here are some tips:

  • Include a high-quality profile photo. If this page is for your brand, use your logo. If not, use a headshot or something else eye-catching that aligns with your company’s style.
  • Write a concise and interesting bio.
  • Consider including hashtags and emojis within your bio. Hashtags will help people find your profile in search and emojis will give it some extra personality.
  • This is the only place on Instagram where links become clickable, so make it count. You can use your company’s main URL to start or, if you’re a designer, include your portfolio page. When you have something specific you want to promote—like a sign-up landing page, a new product launched, etc.—update your bio with the new link.

#3. Get Creative with Photos

UK-based graphic/web designer and photographer Mike Kus’s Instagram account

If you’re using Instagram to promote your brand’s presence, there are a number of ways you can go about using photos to do that. You could:

  • Post photos of your products. Ideally, these would be product shots that can’t be found on your site.
  • Post photos of your services in action, with real people doing or using them.
  • Post photos from inside your company to show the human face behind it.
  • Post photos from your local area. Maybe you went for a walk at lunch and discovered a new gyro stand. If you’re trying to drum up local business, these off-the-cuff personal moments may make you more relatable.

In terms of the photos themselves, there are a number of rules you should follow as well. For starters, never publish a photo that you aren’t proud of. They should be high-res and reflective of your company’s values, work, and personality. Also, don’t go crazy with filters, unless they enhance your photos and keep them in line with your overall brand style.

#4. Be a Tease

Just because Instagram makes it tricky to promote content found on your site doesn’t mean you have to avoid it altogether. You can still post teasers from an upcoming article you’ve written about web design trends affecting the hospitality industry. Or you could show off a super slick photo of a new product that’s yet to be announced, but wanted to give Instagram followers a taste of. This is your space to drum up interest however you see fit.

#5. Use Video

Tesla takes advantages of Instagram's video capabilities.
Tesla takes advantages of Instagram’s video capabilities.

Your WordPress site isn’t the only place to put your videos anymore. Instagram allows for videos—as well as live video—so take advantage of it.

#6. Tell a Story

Instagram stories let you share videos and still photos.
Instagram stories let you share videos and still photos.

If you’ve spent any time scrolling through Instagram on your phone and wondered what those bubbles up top were, those are Instagram stories. People and companies you follow (and sometimes paid ad placements) will show up there when they capture photos and videos throughout the day. Think of them kind of like short Facebook live videos, without the “live” aspect.


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If you decide to use these and put your content front and center, remember to add a compelling message or call-to-action directly onto it!

#7. Watermark Your Photos

I’ve written before about how to protect your photos from theft, and I’d make the same argument here. If photos you put up on Instagram are from your professional portfolio or they otherwise belong to your company, consider adding a brand watermark to them. That way, if people “steal” your photos or if others simply want to share them because they look so cool, anyone who sees them will know exactly where they came from.

#8. Add a CTA

For some Instagram posts, you won’t be able to add a call-to-action naturally, and that’s fine. Having an Instagram profile in and of itself is your way to promote your brand. However, if you can weave in a call-to-action or redirect followers over to the URL in your bio, do it. And if you can place that CTA on top of your photos or videos, that’s even better.

#9. Make it Exclusive

Anthony Burrill shares a behind the scenes shot.
Anthony Burrill shares a behind the scenes shot.

If you have exclusive content worth sharing, post it on Instagram so users have to go there for special offers, behind the scenes video, upcoming announcements, and more.

#10. Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags, when used right, can help you reach a wider audience.
Hashtags, when used right, can help you reach a wider audience.

Hashtags, while optional on Instagram, really shouldn’t be. They’re a great way to get new people to notice your photos even if they’ve never heard of you before. Here are some ways you can use hashtags to your advantage:

  • When you can, use focus keywords from your site on Instagram to give users and the search engines a consistent idea of who you are.
  • Use branded hashtags and community hashtags. Branded hashtags are ones specifically for your company (e.g. your company name, product names, company motto). Community hashtags are ones that really anyone could be using.
  • Use trending hashtags or ones that are enormously popular.
  • Tag other people in your photos, especially if you worked with photographers, writers, or clients on the content within it.
  • Tag your location when it’s relevant.
  • Don’t be afraid to go overboard with hashtags. Up to 30 is generally acceptable.

#11. Encourage Interaction

Since the big lure on Instagram is more on your photos and not on what’s written beneath/around them, you’ll need to be creative in getting users to engage with you. You could hold a photo contest and incentivize followers to like a post, tag a friend, sign up for emails, or tell you what their favorite blog is in exchange for a free product or discounted service. Getty Images did this a few years ago and it was pretty cool.

#12. Encourage UGC

Airbnb uses the platform to encourage user-generated content.
Airbnb uses the platform to encourage user-generated content.

If you have a product or service that customers can take photos of as they use it, then you should be encouraging user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram. One of the best ways to get this started is by hunting down UGC on Instagram, sharing it on your page, and tagging that user in your post. That’ll show other followers that you’re paying attention.

You can then turn around and share this UGC on your website to further promote your brand and give customers the social proof they want to see.

#13. Partner Up

Instagram is an ideal platform for cross promotion with other brands.
Instagram is an ideal platform for cross promotion with other brands.

Social media marketing success hinges on how well you can take the “I” out of the equation and make it be more about “you” or “we.” If there are companies that you’ve partnered up with, be sure to tag them and include their own products in your photos too. In doing so, you’ll be able to leverage the power of their network as well.

You could also partner with bloggers or other Instagram influencers to help promote your Instagram page. You’ll need to figure out what to barter in exchange for the help, but it may be worth the free or discounted services or products you give them, especially if their network is huge.

#14. Treat It Like Other Social Accounts

Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things on Instagram, you’ll want to incorporate this into your content promotion schedule as well as the rest of your social media management plan. This includes:

  • Creating a schedule of how often you want to post and what you want to post to Instagram.
  • Following brands you want to be associated with, people who follow you, people who you want to follow you, and people who regularly engage with your posts.
  • Promoting your Instagram page and exclusive content on other social media platforms as well as your blog.
  • Monitoring for engagements. Respond to people kind enough to comment, like their posts, and share the love!

#15. Mind the Numbers

Remember: Instagram is like any other tool in your marketing arsenal, which means it should never go unchecked. When you set up your page, make sure to set it up as a business page and connect it to your Facebook account so you can monitor for engagements within the app. You’ll also want to look out for Instagram referrals in Google Analytics to figure out which posts garner the most attention. This data will help you plan out future Instagram posts.

Wrapping Up

Inspired yet? If not, I’d suggest you take some time to peruse Instagram on your own and look for the companies that interest you. Everyone has a different visual story to tell and it’s always interesting to see what other brands and WordPress businesses are doing with theirs before taking the leap and creating one of your own.

Over to you: What’s your favorite Instagram page you follow right now and why?

Brenda Barron

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