Make Your WordPress Donations Plugins Pay – In Your Currency

Make Your WordPress Donations Plugins Pay – In Your Currency

WordPress Plugins For Different Currency Payment Gateways
A Fen-ny Saved Is A Fen-ny Earned

Say you are an enterprising young developer and have created an awesome new plugin in your spare time.   In order to get as many users as possible, you are distributing your plugin on for free.  Still, you wouldn’t mind making a little bit of cash back.  Wouldn’t it be nice if some of your users could donate money to cover your expenses in running the plugin?

Well, if you live in the US, there are a number of clever plugins to help you add a donation box to your site and display the results.  Most of the best options involve Paypal, but this plugin from Stripe is also an excellent, simply, user-friendly, option (if you haven’t used Stripe before, give it a try).  But if you happen to be in the US, that is also not going to be an option.

But what if you aren’t a huge fan of Paypal, aren’t in the US, and would prefer to be paid in the currency that they use at that store down the street with the amazing ice cream?   You know the one.  Well, here are a few interesting options (if you know of any other good ones, let me know in the comments):


For those of you who are based in China, you might be as familiar with Alipay and Tenpay as you are with Paypal for online payments processing.  Well, you are fortunate enough to have two excellent plugins to help you take donations:

  1. Alipay Donate allows you to take donations from Alipay alone.
  2. While the Alipay, Tenpay, Paypal Plugin allows you to take payments with both Alipay and Tenpay.  As to how to configure it precisely for donations, you would have to check with the developer (or someone who speaks Chinese).


CCAvenue, the Indian payment gateway, offers Indian Rupee and US Dollar currency processing for Indian merchants.  Although they don’t offer a dedicated donation plugin, a CCAvenue Payment Gateway can be integrated with WooCommerce to provide for the ability to take donations in Rupees.


Save Fees On Each Online Transaction With The Right Payment Gateway
“Truble” Getting Paid In The Way You Prefer?

The Russian or European WordPress developer with a heart of gold might be interested in this donations plugin from WebMoney.


For the Portuguese speaker, PagSeguro has helpfully provided a couple of options for integrating their popular payment gateway with your site.  Although they don’t offer a dedicated donations plugin, they do offer several ways to integrate PagSeguro with WordPress eCommerce setups, like PagSeguro for WooCommerce.

If you are wondering how to configure a Shopping Cart plugin to work as a donation box, the key is just to treat the donations as if they were products you never actually get around to shipping.  This method is not ideal because it prevents the donor from being able to pick precisely the sum they would like to send, but can be an easy and relatively hassle-free way to do things.