New Google Reader Wastes ~25% Screen Real Estate

New Google Reader Wastes ~25% Screen Real Estate

I’m guessing that a bunch of you, like me, consume your daily blogs / news / feeds / alerts via Google Reader.

And if so, I’m sure that you will have either read about or experienced the new design / functionality tweaks.

And can I say one thing… gah, ouch, ugh :(

The below is me on a 15″ Macbook Pro, with a shrunken dock.

So you call it 'Reader' huh :/

And I don’t know where to start with the whinging… maybe we should kick it off with the fact thatwe’re looking at at least 20%, if not 25% of my real estate being utterly wasted by that inane, pointless whitespace.

I mean, come on, it’s for reading, so why is all the content that we’re reading, hidden on a basic platform like a laptop???

And as for that stupid big orange subscribe button??? Subscribe to what? How? Where?

And surely, I cannot be in the minority who only search through Reader once in a blue moon, surely! Does it really justify the space?

What I’d love to see is a simple minimize option, so I could just get rid of all that junk and not have to spend my time putting my dock on the side, tweaking my browsers and generally shunting stuff around so that I can have a shot at using a tool for the purpose it was built for… reading stuff.

Harumph :(