Shareaholic Combines with Colorlabs for Backbone Framework Integration

Shareaholic Combines with Colorlabs for Backbone Framework Integration

Shareaholic Combines with Colorlabs for Backbone Framework IntegrationIn a recent article over at ManageWP, I asked a bunch of plugin developers what they would do to improve the Plugins Repository.

The answers were varied, but there was one that stood out in particular. It was from Janet Aronica, Head of Marketing for Shareaholic:

Before I worked at Shareaholic, I’d see a cool feature that I would love to add to my blog, but I wouldn’t know what it was called. But I would know it if I saw it. For a text-driven search service like the WordPress repository, how would I discover the plugin I needed? And how would even begin to know which one to trust? I actually don’t think the WordPress repository is going to change. It’s up to the plugin developers like Shareaholic, who create all-in-one solutions – content discovery, sharing and measuring tools all in one plugin – to earn the trust of their users and offer them more quality choices in one single plugin. We [i.e. the developers] have to be the ones that will solve the plugin discovery issues of the repository.

That gave me pause for thought. Whilst many may not concur with Janet’s point of view, I couldn’t help but find myself agreeing – at least to an extent.

Just think about it for a moment – where do you go when you shop – 10 Mom and Pop stores, or a superstore? We like convenience, and if convenience means consolidated one-stop plugins, so be it.

Shareaholic and Colorlabs Love-In

With prescient timing, Shareaholic have announced their tool’s integration with the popular theme framework, Backbone:


The Backbone framework is developed by Colorlabs & Company, who specialize in responsive premium themes that are intuitive to work with.

This integration with a popular theme really makes a point of underlining Shareaholic’s approach to furthering the reach of their tools. This announcement follows on from the major update of the Shareaholic WordPress plugin in June, which introduced a swathe of new features.

It seems as if Shareaholic have taken one step beyond Janet’s statement in not only combining multiple functions in one plugin, but integrating that plugin directly into a theme framework:

Shareaholic/Backbone Integration

The question is, should we welcome tighter integration such as this, or should it be left up to the user? If I am a Digg Digg fan, do I want the Shareaholic functionality built into my framework?

There is of course no right answer, but there is no doubting the benefits of this integration for Shareaholic and their users alike.

If you want to find out more about the partnership between Shareaholic and Colorlabs & Company, click here.