Single Sign-On Now Available for WordPress and Magento

Single Sign-On Now Available for WordPress and Magento

Many people are using Magento, the robust e-commerce platform, in conjunction with WordPress for the publishing power.

James Kemp is a WordPress developer who has created several tools for helping these two open source platforms work together. Awhile back we featured his Magento WordPress Integration plugin which allows you to pull Magento blocks to your WordPress theme.

Kemp has recently released Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress, a new extension that works from the Magento side to provide a seamless experience between the two.

How does it work?

When you have this extension installed, customers will automatically have a WordPress account created for them when they register through Magento. It uses the new registrant’s name, email address, password and username. When customers log in or out of Magento, they will automatically be logged in and out of WordPress at the same time with no need to log in twice.

Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress features:

  • Use one account throughout your Magento and WordPress website.
  • Instead of registering on both Magento and WordPress separately, customers can simply register in Magento and automatically be created a WordPress account.
  • Sync Password and user information changes between Magento and WordPress.
  • Sync login/logouts between Magento and WordPress.

Here’s a video demonstration of Single Sign-On in action:

When using this extension you should be aware that it does not remove links to your WordPress login area. If you don’t want users logging in through there, you’ll need to edit your theme to remove the links.

Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress is available from Codecanyon for just $30, a small price to pay for the convenience of seamless integration between your Magento store and WordPress blog. If you’re serious about providing a smooth experience between the two platforms, you’ll want to check out this extension.