Smush Wins Plugin Madness Champion Back-To-Back!!!

Smush Wins Plugin Madness Champion Back-To-Back!!!

With Smush now active on 1 million+ sites it is clearly a crowd favorite for WordPress users. And as back-to-back champion of Torque’s Plugin Madness competition (2017, 2018) Smush has solidified itself as a MUST for any site owner.

Updated: 12/20/2018 – Smush Pro now includes WebP compression, automatic image scaling and 10GB of CDN storage on our 40 Tbps servers with 45 share points around the world.

Torque’s Plugin Madness competition is a bracket-style competition that pits 64 of the most popular WordPress plugins against each other and gives voting power to the people to select their favorite for the year. Thanks to its versatility and our strong supporter base, Smush was able to take home the trophy for the second year running.

With other top contenders like WooCommerce and Yoast, rival image optimizers EWWW and ShortPixel, year one champion Advanced Custom Fields, and up-and-comers like Hummingbird in the field, this year’s competition was really anyone’s game.

So why Smush Image Compression and Optimization?

Welp, for starters, Smush is the right choice for every website that will ever upload and display any images. Pretty much 99.999% of all WordPress sites can benefit from Smush image optimization.

Then, we decided to make her most valuable features 100% free for every WordPress user. [Say, WHAAATTT!?]

Insanely Simple Smushing

Smush lets you automate image optimization on upload to keep your sites running fast and smooth.

Another reason Smush keeps winning the crowd is she refuses to over-complicate the relationship. Smush automates optimization so you can set it and forget it. This is especially helpful if you have a bunch of folks contributing to your blog. Not everyone is proficient in both writing and design. ;)

Smush has you covered!

Upload your quality images and she automatically cuts unnecessary data…Smush has mastered a balance of quality and savings so you can make your pages load faster and save space without sacrificing quality.

Free Premium Features

Of course, Smush Pro is a must for our enterprise users, but we are pleased to give Smush image compression free to the WordPress community. Most site owners will never upgrade…and that’s ok…because better optimization improves web accessibility around the world.

*But* we’ve got some epic power tools our power users can’t live without. If your providing web management and maintenance, Smush can give you an instant win with your clients. Use bulk Smush to compress thousands of images – huge images up to 32mb – with a click.

Plus, Smush Pro’s Super Smush multi-pass lossy compression will squeeze up to 2x the savings without any noticeable drop in quality. (That’s a money maker if you ask me.) With all the images our Pro users compress, we’ve ratched up our CDN for 200% faster optimization results.

Smush pro gives our power users extra tools for speeding up compression and squeezing more out of large images.

Back-to-Back Champion…And Just Getting Started

We’re still singin’ Queen over here, but we know your vote of confidence is not just a vote for what we are…it’s also a vote for what Smush is becoming. We’ve got some brilliant features in the pipeline (Hint: and it’s not just better compression speed and quality).

Are you ready to give it a try? Give Smush Pro enterprise features a try absolutely free for 30 days and keep all the images you Smush. Or download Smush from the repository and keep your site running fast and smooth with the #1, crowd favorite, Torque Plugin Madness 2017 and 2018, champion of the world, image optimization plugin that’s now trusted by +1 million users…absolutely free for life!

Need I say more? ;)

Smush has benefited us all by saving us time and keeping our sites running quick and lean. Celebrate with us by sharing your savings in the comments...and if you really love Smush don't forget to share it with a friend. :)


Joshua Joshua has been a marketing strategist, designer, and digital content producer for the past 15 years. After managing content for one of the world's largest WordPress blogs and curating content for their millions of monthly readers, he returned to his startup roots, launching and promoting new products and consulting for businesses looking to grow.