Support Your Clients With White Label Videos and Awesome Tutorials

Support Your Clients With White Label Videos and Awesome Tutorials

Did you know we have dozens of continuously updated, high quality white label video user manuals for WordPress?


We’ve also got a comprehensive YouTube channel featuring 180+ videos on how to use our plugins, and topics such as installing WordPress, how to beef up your security and choosing the right web host.

Did you know you can access all our white label videos, 24/7 support, and services absolutely FREE?!FIND OUT MORE

Providing support for clients with little to no experience with WordPress can be costly and time-consuming. Who’s got time for hand-holding?

But with our videos – put together by our awesome in-house video team – you can help your clients right from the comfort of their WordPress install. Just integrate our videos into their WordPress dashboard and you’re good to go.

White label videos
We’ve got lots of tasty white label videos and YouTube tutorials.

White Label Videos

Our embeddable instructional videos cover a wide variety of support and service issues common to WordPress.

Choose from over 45 high-quality videos, all with clean audio, scripts and screen captures.

Screenshot of WordPress Tutorial Videos page
WordPress For Beginners Video Tutorials

Each video is updated to coincide with the release of the latest version of WordPress.

Video topics include:

  • How to use the media library
  • Creating and editing users
  • Using widgets
  • Editing posts and pages
  • Managing comments
  • Changing passwords
  • Embedding media
  • And many more!

Our videos are always updated and allow you to provide WordPress training to your clients in their own language.

Screenshot of WPMU DEV video tutorials language translation page.
Train clients to use WordPress in their own language!

Best of all, WPMU DEV hosts the video files, saving you valuable bandwidth and site speed. Simply embed the video code by copying and pasting wherever you need them.

Integrated Video Tutorials Plugin

You can easily provide access to WPMU DEV’s collection of white label videos using our Integrated Video Tutorials plugin.

Once activated, the plugin provides a library within the WordPress admin area where you can preview and watch tutorials.

Our integrated video tutorials plugin is a powerful tool for onboarding new users, improving admin skills, and reducing support requests. It’s like having your own WordPress video training team at your fingertips.

The plugin is so easy to install and use to train new clients … let me show you just how easy it is.

If you’re a member of WPMU DEV, log in and access the plugin here: Integrated Video Tutorials Plugin.

If you haven’t installed the WPMU DEV Dashboard yet, click on the ‘Install’ button …

Screenshot of Integrated Video Tutorials plugin page
Integrated Video Tutorials plugin page

You can either download the video tutorials plugin directly …

Integrated Video Tutorials plugin download option selected

Or download and install the WPMU DEV Dashboard to unleash the power of all WPMU DEV tools (including the Integrated Video Tutorials plugin) …

WPMU DEV Dashboard download option selected
Install the WPMU DEV Dashboard for easy 1-click installs of all our plugins!

After installing, activating, and syncing the WPMU DEV dashboard to The Hub, click ‘Install Plugins’ …

Install WPMU DEV plugins button selected.
Install WPMU DEV plugins via The Hub.

This brings you to the WPMU DEV Plugins page (you can also access this screen from the WPMU DEV Menu) …

WPMU DEV Plugins page
The WPMU DEV Plugins page.

Scroll down the list of plugins until you find the ‘Integrated Video Tutorials’ and click on the ‘+’ symbol to install …

Integrated Video Tutorials plugin option selected and ready for installation
Select and install the Integrated Video Tutorials plugin.

Once installed, activate the videos plugin …

Activate videos plugin.
Activate videos plugin.

All you need to do now is configure the plugin settings.

Click on ‘Settings’ > ‘WPMU DEV Videos’ …

WPMUDEV Videos plugin settings menu
WPMUDEV Videos plugin settings menu.

This brings you to the ‘WPMU DEV Video Settings’ screen …

WPMU DEV Video Settings screen
Configure the plugin settings.

If you need help configuring the plugin’s settings, see our Integrated Video Tutorials documentation section for detailed instructions on getting started with our unbranded WordPress training video library, how to embed with shortcodes, white labeling titles, setting up contextual training, customization settings, and more …

Integrated Video Tutorials documentation section
Integrated Video Tutorials documentation section.

Once plugin settings have been configured, the video tutorials can be accessed from various locations inside the admin area, including the main dashboard menu …

Main video tutorials screen
Main video tutorials screen.

Users can now select and watch the video tutorials to learn about the main features of their WordPress site …

select a video tutorial
Train your clients to learn WordPress … inside their own WP Dashboard!

Check out the video below for a tour of the Integrated Video Tutorials Plugin …

With over 45 high quality, video user manuals for WordPress integrated directly into the WordPress dashboard, our videos will guide you and your users through everything they need to know. Your training time, costs and effort, just got slashed!

WPMU DEV YouTube Channel

Having trouble with access levels in Membership? Setting up MarketPress eCommerce for the first time? Not sure which settings to use in Appointments +?

Our YouTube channel features helpful tutorials to help you make the most of our plugins and any settings you may find confusing.

Our channel includes videos on:

  • Setting up Appointments +, MarketPress eCommerce, Membership and more
  • How to add extra layers of security to your site
  • Setting up your own fundraising site with our Fundraising plugin
  • What is a blog?
  • Installing WordPress
  • How to set up WordPress Multisite

If you’re thinking about trying out one our plugins, our YouTube videos give an in-depth behind the scenes look at how our plugins work.

WPMU DEV YouTube channel
Visit our YouTube channel for more WordPress video tutorials!

From time-to-time we also feature comprehensive guides, such as our recent Security Essentials series. This guide offers a great introduction to WordPress security, as well as a timely refresher for more experienced WordPress folk.

So if you’re looking for a great guide to help a new client or just need a little help with a plugin, check out our videos. While our YouTube channel is available for free, you’ll need to sign up for a WPMU DEV membership to access our white label video collection.

Did you know you can access all our white label videos, 24/7 support, and services absolutely FREE?!FIND OUT MORE

Have you used our videos? Isn't our video team the best ever? Tell us in the comments below.

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