Why We Now Have The Best WordPress Hosting On The Planet… Seriously!

Why We Now Have The Best WordPress Hosting On The Planet… Seriously!

Since our launch September last year we have gone all out to make WPMU DEV hosting as good as it possibly can be, and we’ve now reached the point where I’m happy to declare that it is, hands down, the best dang managed WordPress hosting product on the planet.

Cartoon of DevMan flying in space around planet Earth with WPMU DEV hosting sign stuck on planet.
Is it VPS? Is it a Shared Server? No…it’s the best managed WordPress hosting on the planet!

Plus, I’m happy to do that without even mentioning all the regular WPMU DEV stuff. That’s just a bonus. This is straight-up all about hosting.

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Put me under oath before a competition regulator of your choice.

This is not contentious, it’s not opinion, it’s a fact, and here are 3 fundamental and undisputable reasons why.

Don’t agree? I’ll see you in the comments! Prove me wrong? I’ll publish it!

So here goes:

1 – Price To Specs Ratio

This is a pretty easy one to compare, basically take the dedicated resources (CPU and RAM) that any other host has, and then divide it by the price of their entry-level plan.

Cartoon of DevMan calculating Price to Specs ratio.
Welcome to WordPress Hosting University. Lesson 1 – WPMU DEV hosting is cheaper!

With our $12/m Bronze plan you get 1GB of dedicated RAM and 1 vCPU (as well as 25GB SSD and 1TB of bandwidth). That’s simply unbeatable, which is why nobody else can (unless they are lying about it being dedicated).

And the same goes for all of our other plans too.

Which gets better when you factor in our up to 20% bulk pricing discount.

Literally, the only way you get to compete is to run your own Digital Ocean Droplet, or AWS instance… which I’m sure a bunch of you can do.

The thing is, to do that you need to be: a) Very skilled, b) Happy to value the time it takes at less than $5/m, and c) Not be after fully managed WordPress hosting (which is what this post is about).

Fundamentally, you are getting hardware, performance, and opportunity that you cannot get elsewhere.

2 – What Else You Get For That $12

Now, let’s talk about what you get on that $12 per month plan, which, collectively, I guarantee you will not get anywhere else:

Basically everything that you usually have to pay way more for.

3 – A Control Panel With Every Feature & Function You Could Ask For

We ran a small survey on our existing users a couple of months back, and they overwhelmingly said that the ease of use of our panel/dashboard/call-it-what-you-will-hosting-thingy was the best thing about it…

But that’s somewhat ambiguous, so here I’d like to list some specific features that, again, make this $12/m plan unmatched:

  • Cloning! (tl;dr expert & homemade templates).
  • Live server stats (RAM, read, write, CPU, DB, PHP, inbound, outbound, cache, page gen… if you’re not seeing all of these you do not know how your hosting is doing).
  • Full and elegantly accessible PHP, access, slow & audit logs for both staging and production.
  • Plus everything you would expect from any hosting dashboard.
Cartoon of DevMan sitting at the controls
WPMU DEV gives you more control of your hosting with not as many buttons to press!

And We Haven’t Even Talked About WPMU DEV Yet!!!

Yep, with every site you also get EVERYTHING here at WPMU DEV.

And as mentioned, we don’t need to fully detail everything else we offer.

Buuut just in case you’re completely fresh to all things WPMU DEV, in a nutshell you’re getting: The Hub, 11 pro plugins, 24/7 live expert support (for anything to do with WP), and a bunch more!

I also haven’t gone further into the above because they’re hard to objectively argue about. I mean everybody says they have the best support, don’t they?

Although I suppose you could check out our Trustpilot or Reviews.io listings to see just why we have the best-rated WordPress support on the web ;) But I digress.

Essentially this is me throwing down the gauntlet.

You could be a regular web developer, a budding sysadmin, or CTO of a major WordPress hosting company.

I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to push your wares in comparison to ours in the comments (or on your own site, I’ll link to you) and, as promised, if you can show that I’m wrong I’ll literally post retractions and clarifications right here.

Let’s step outside the hosting affiliate, advertising, and paid links bubble and have a proper conversation.

And if you’d like to find out for yourself… just grab a free trial.

And, as promised…

Clarification / Retraction #1 – The data centers we offer are: US (East & West), UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore, and Japan…. so if you are legally required to have your data stored in, say, Brazil then we are clearly not the best host for you (FYI hosting in the country you are targeting has no SEO benefit and very, very little speed benefit – ping tests and comments about fancy cars)

Not convinced WPMU DEV hosting is the BEST in the world? Am I crazy to even think this way? Let's talk about it in the comments below! Happy to be proven wrong. That way we can keep growing bigger and stronger mwahahaha ;)

James Farmer

James Farmer CEO of Incsub, WPMU DEV, CampusPress & Edublogs