The Most Valuable WordPress Tool You’ll Use This Year Has Finally Launched

The Most Valuable WordPress Tool You’ll Use This Year Has Finally Launched

We’ve struck website management gold.

I am pretty excited to be talking about this tool today, as it is one I use on a daily basis. One that has made the management and expansion of my WordPress portfolio dramatically easier, by saving me literally hours every single month.

It is a tool that we first covered back in March 2011, and it has come on leaps and bounds in terms of functionality since then. In fact, it has just enjoyed its official launch.

For those of you who haven’t guessed what it is yet, or have been hiding under a rock for the past year or so, I am talking about ManageWP.

Welcome To The Revolution, Baby

ManageWP comes with more handy features than you could shake a stick at, but the one that really sets the bar is one-click login. ManageWP allows you to access every single one of your WordPress sites from a single location. That’s all of your Dashboards from one place. No logging in and out and fiddling about.

When you login to ManageWP, you will see a list of your websites in the Navigation Bar:

One-Click Login

Just click on a site, and its Dashboard will appear in front of you:

One-Click Dashboard

The above is a screenshot from my blog’s Dashboard. As you can see, I am free to manage my site as if I had logged into the Dashboard at source.

Switching between different Dashboards is just a case of clicking “< Dashboard” at the top of the screen and selecting another of your sites.

One-Click Upgrade

If you have more than two or three WordPress sites, upgrading the source code, themes and plugins is a chore. And if you have a larger portfolio, it becomes an absolute nightmare.

But the nightmares aren’t necessary. ManageWP allows you to upgrade all source codes, themes and plugins – from the same place.

One-Click Updates
This feature makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The above screenshot isn’t a great example of the functionality of this feature (as I had only recently carried out a one-click upgrade), but ManageWP lists all available updates from your centralized Dashboard and allows you to upgrade everything with the click of a button. Not only that, as you can see, it does the same for post revisions, database overhead, and spam comments. In essence, you can handle the ongoing management and optimization of all your WordPress sites from one place.

You can probably imagine how much time this could save you, but just in case you’re not seeing it, imagine this. You have a portfolio of 10 WordPress sites, and you have a particular plugin installed on every single one. That plugin needs to be updated. Traditionally, you would have to log in and out of every single Dashboard and update each iteration of the plugin manually. It would probably take 7-10 minutes. With ManageWP, you can achieve the same thing with one click, in about 30 seconds.

And that’s just one of ManageWP’s many features. Forgive me for getting a bit excitable and geeky about a piece of software, but it has quickly become my favorite time-saving tool. Like, ever.

This kid just found out about ManageWP.


I could go on all day about the multitude of features that ManageWP has to offer, but I’m sure you have other things to be doing than reading this article all day (like setting up your ManageWP account). So, I’ll mention just one more – site cloning.

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to WordPress sites you have a “base setup”. I have a preferred theme and several plugins that I like to install as standard. Furthermore, there are certain settings within WordPress that are always the same.

In the past, you would have to manually set up a WordPress site on every occasion you come to build one. But with ManageWP, you can set up a “template site” and simply clone that onto every single new project you begin. I would estimate that this saves me about 30 minutes every time I do it. Check this video out to see how easily it is done:

Now if you don’t find that plain sexy, I don’t know what does stir your loins.

But That’s Not All

Not even close actually. There are 101 more features I could cover, but I don’t need to. Why? Because ManageWP offers a free 14 day trial, during which you can add up to 10 websites. That is enough time to quickly realize how indispensable the tool is. So head over to ManageWP and give it a go!

For those of you who are already ManageWP users, what are your thoughts on the tool? Is there further functionality that you would like to see added in the future?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Tator1982 and Rudoni Productions