WPMU DEV Supports secure one-click login, or Single Sign-On (SSO), from the Hub, for all connected sites. SSO allows members to access their connected sites securely without having to sign in separately to each site. It is particularly handy when managing multiple sites.

SSO is optional and members must enable/disable the feature individually for each connected site. SSO only works if a site is connected to the Hub, but you should try to keep all your sites connected to the Hub at all times, anyway.

Once enabled, you can access any connected site from the Hub by clicking the WP ADMIN button for that site. This video shows how SSO simplifies the login process.

SSO uses your WPMU DEV API, not your admin username and password, to access your connected sites. Your WordPress admin credentials are never stored by us for any reason.

That said, you should always enable two-factor authentication on all your sites using our Superhero-quality security plugin, Defender.

4.2 Enable SSO for a new Site

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When you connect a 3rd-party hosted site to your WPMU DEV account in your Hub, you’ll notice that the option to Enable secure One-click WP Logins will be checked by default. If SSO is not needed for your site, you can uncheck that box to disable it. SSO is also enabled by default when you create or clone a new WPMU DEV hosted site.

In either case, you can disable the feature at any time in the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin if not needed; see the next chapter below for details.

SSO Enable screen

4.3 Manage SSO from the Dashboard Plugin

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When activating the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin you can enable SSO simply by selecting the Enable SSO checkbox below the username and password fields when prompted to submit your credentials.

Enable SSO in the WPMU DEV Dashboard

You can enable or disable SSO for any site at any time from the Dashboard Settings control panel here WPMU DEV > Settings.

Navigation to Settings tab to locate SSO

Click the Single Sign-on slider to enable/disable SSO for that site.

SSO enable button

4.4 Getting SSO Support

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After reading this guide, if you still have questions regarding SSO, don’t hesitate to start a live chat with our support Superheroes or submit a support ticket using the Support tab of your WPMU DEV Dashboard.

Dashboard support feature