The WordPress 3.4 Killer Feature

The WordPress 3.4 Killer Feature

WordPress 3.4 is out and if this is the first you’re hearing about it you should seriously reconsider your news sources and reading lists.

You know what, WordPress 3.4 is great. I’ve been doing that thing you’re not supposed to with it for quite some time, which is to say I’ve been enjoying nightly releases. And yes, I really tried to make that sentence sexual but it just didn’t work out, OK? OK.

Back to WordPress; 3.4 is a solid release. I still think the admin interface needs work (sorry, no update on my progress, been way too busy) but it does the job all right. There are several cool things under the hood for developers, and the beta and RC periods have been without major problems as far as I can tell. You’ll be happy with 3.4, at least until the first point release ships.

But you know what? 3.4 has a killer feature, a sign of the awesomeness that is yet to come, I’d venture to say.

The live theme customizer.

Yes, I know, this isn’t exactly a unique feature, and most of the things it does has been possible for quite some time.

But it is sexy.

It is easy to use.

It gives you instant gratification.

My clients (and friends) will love this particular feature, way more than just about everything else WordPress have been getting lately. The only thing that could threaten this particular feature’s sexiness would be a brand new media manager.

Let’s make that happen in 3.5, OK?

PS. If you haven’t upgraded to 3.4 yet you’re stupid a moron foolish missing out. Just sayin’.

Photo by Peter Andersson (CC)