Thesis Eleven40 – A Responsive Skin for Thesis

Thesis Eleven40 – A Responsive Skin for Thesis

Thesis 2, the premium WordPress framework, was launched with much anticipation, and even some controversy. But overall, Thesis users have become accustomed to its new features and have started to make skins available for download.

One such entry to the market is a responsive skin called Thesis Eleven40.

1140 Responsive Grid

Thesis Eleven40 is based on the popular 1140 framework – one which encourages developers to break out of the 960 grid and onto larger screen sizes, particularly 1200px widths, popular these days on monitors 13 inches and larger. At those resolutions, sites designed with this grid have a max width of 1140 pixels – hence the name 1140.

At all lower resolutions, the grid is fully responsive, which means:

  • images will resize appropriately,
  • menus will move, stack, and center
  • sidebars collapse
  • support for major browsers and internet explorer down to v7
You can also checkout this screencap of the Thesis Eleven40 skin in mobile phone size resolution. You’ll notice the sidebars collapse and move below the content. The menu centers and moves below the header. Content images are removed and the content column takes on the full-width of the browser.

Thesis Eleven40 Skin Features

The developer of Thesis Eleven40 took the cssgrid and converted it to work with the new Thesis 2.x framework. The result is a fully responsive skin that works on monitors large and small – including mobile devices.


The skin features a widgetized header and footer, with support for multiple menus.

Thesis Eleven40 Widgetized Header
Thesis Eleven40 Widgetized Footer


Thesis Eleven40 has a simple (but elegant) repeating background, and several elements with bold gradients. Typography is clean and crisp, and flows well from content through to comments.

An added bonus is the included custom template, which can be used on any post or page that you want to turn into a featured landing page – one without headers or footers. It’s centered in the browser and promotes your content over everything else. This is a great template for selling products, promoting an exclusive list, or other items you’d like to include on a squeeze page.

Thesis Eleven40 Landing Page Preview


Tapping the Power of Thesis 2.x

The new Thesis Framework utilizes a drag and drop architecture, allowing users to quickly create custom templates with very little code necessary. It’s got baked in SEO, Google Authorship, and an easy way to add head scripts and other meta data for your site.

Thesis Eleven40 taps into these features to become a light weight, fully responsive skin for the Thesis 2.x framework – and one of its first, at that. Using Thesis 2.x, and the Eleven40 skin, you can keep it simple with the features included right out of the box, or go complex and build just about any website you can imagine.

Thesis Eleven40 is a premium theme/skin, which requires the Thesis 2.x framework. More information can be found at the developer’s website,