This Week in WordPress: Pagely takes on VIP and Harrison Ford is also old

This Week in WordPress: Pagely takes on VIP and Harrison Ford is also old

Pagely takes on VIP, WebDevStudios buys out Maintainn, and Harrison Ford is also old.

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The WhiP Newsletter #99 – Monday, October 6

Party Like It’s ’99

“I’ve tried the big three: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. They all make me want to kill myself. I’ve searched high and low for anything remotely pleasant to use and I’m yet to find something.” Khuram Malik is convinced WordPress is sooo 2008 and we should ditch it for Wix or Tumblr. Crowd Favorite’s Chris Lema argues so what if WordPress is old? Harrison Ford is also old. Somehow, his argument makes sense.

Speaking of Chris Lema, have you developed your business skills as much as you’ve developed your, well, development skills?

The team behind WooSupport offer a peek at how they work.

Learn web development with these 10 websites listed at Elegant Themes.

And why does WordPress need FTP?

The Bends

How to find out what WordPress theme a site is using.

How to style external links in WordPress like Wikipedia.

How to notify users when their comment is approved in WordPress.

How to add a forum to your WordPress site.

How to make the most of your wp-config.php file.

How to change WordPress email content types to HTML.

There are a heap of advanced tutorials right now on Tuts +. Find out how to create a portfolio with Projects. WordPress error handling with WP_Error Class I. Writer Rachel McCollins looks at setting up WooCommerce. Finally, a quick tip on using BFI Thumbs for custom feature images.


Have you ever been fernweh or seen a bakku-shan? Here are 30 words difficult to translate into English.

And Wall-E. Because he’s cool.

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The WhiP Newsletter #100 – Tuesday, October 7

Damn Good Coffee!

BuddyPress 2.1.1 is out. This maintenance release squishes some bugs.

Time really is money. ManageWP’s Vladimir Prelovac lost 50% of his usual traffic after a network glitch caused a 4-second delay on his website.

The Matt Report’s Matt Medeiros interviews BuddyPress freelancer David Bisset about finding your WordPress niche.

Beka Rice, writing for Post Status mulls over whether WordPress is right for eCommerce and comes to the conclusion it’s like renting a house versus owning one.

If you’re self-employed, what is your routine? Developer Tom McFarlin offers some tips.

Every Day, Once a Day, Give Yourself a Present

Lists! Everyone loves a list, right? 20 free and premium social media plugins. Lots of great options.

5 tools for creating a maintenance mode or coming soon page.

And our friends at WP Mayor have rounded up a whole lotta business themes.

I Am 100% Sure That We’re Not Completely Sure

In light of Facebook’s recent acquisition, how to add WhatsApp to your WordPress website.

How to optimize your website for Chinese users.

How to schedule backups to the cloud with the BackWPUp plugin.

How to drive traffic to your WordPress site.

And some of the steps you need to take after installing WordPress.

I Believe I Was Visited By a Giant Last Night

Developer Paul Underwood has a ridiculous number of WordPress snippets on his site. His latest is on how to register new post statuses.

Add two-factor authentication to iThemes’ Sync.

And while we’re on the topic of iThemes, here’s a guide on how to use their Security plugin at Tuts+.

My Log Saw Something That Night

Twin Peaks. That is all.

The WhiP Newsletter #101 – Wednesday, October 8

Freedom of the Press

Another day, another WordPress buy out. Development agency WebDevStudios has bought out Maintainn. According to the announcement, the acquisition will allow WebDevStudios to provide dedicated in-house maintenance and support to its clients.

Developer Tom McFarlin, who created the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, has put a call out for feedback to help improve the free open source project, which provides a foundation for plugin developers.

Plugin developers might also want to check out writer Jay Hoffmann’s awesome article on support options at Torque.

The Bee’s Knees

“…instead of aiming for massive popularity, it’s better to steadily build interest in your brand among an audience that may be smaller but more devoted.” WooThemes wants you to maximize online store conversions with compelling blog posts.

Long form content is the bee’s knees. Writer Brenda Barron takes a look at long-form options for WordPress on the Kinsta blog.

Have you ever thought about which social media channel are best for your site? WP Mayor offers some interesting food for thought.

Find your groove as a web designer with Elegant Themes’ guide on how to be productive.

Twitter Love

On the WPMU DEV Blog, we’ve got an awesome guide on how to integrate Twitter into WordPress, including examples from some well-known sites.

How to simplify your online presence with decent hosting at WP Explorer.

Learn how to easily add pricing tables to your website.

Tuts+ continues its series on configuring W3 Total Cache.

Lastly, developer Paul Underwood explains how to display a submenu only on a parent page.

Sweet Potato

The granddaddy of the modern keyboard: the history behind IBM’s Model M.

Can’t start your day without a coffee? Researchers have linked coffee consumption to eight genetic variants.

And 41 of your favorite movies… if they were about potatoes (yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds).

The WhiP Newsletter #102 – Thursday, October 9

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Since stepping down as Automattic’s CEO earlier in the year, Toni Schneider has been working with Tinker, a small team inside the company focused on creating new products and technologies like Selfies.

WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler shares his experiences at WordCamp Ann Arbor and talks about tips for first-time organizers.

Long-time blogger Tom Ewer talks about his new project Beginner Blogging on the WooThemes blog.

And a government perspective on why WordPress could be a good fit for your agency, thanks to VIP.

We Bounce to This Track

How to create custom register and login pages with rich user profiles at WP Lift.

How to automatically share your old posts at WPMU DEV.

How to improve your website’s bounce rate at WP Explorer.

How to customize the Patricia Genesis child theme on the Conducter blog.

How to use wpDataTables at WP Mayor.

Smashing Baby!

Smashing Magazine’s Daniel Pataki joins the WPMU DEV Blog team with a fantastic article on the powerful must-have tools every WordPress developer should have at their disposal.

Tuts+ have a great post on how to use Grunt to speed up your WordPress development workflow.

Improve third-party API performance in WordPress with the WP-TLC-Transient library.

Forever Young

“Attachable computers will be less expensive to make, provide greater accuracy because sensors will be closer to a person’s body (or even inside us) and offer the most utility, as something people won’t forget to wear.” The New York Time onwearable technology that feels like skin.

Billionaire Peter Thiel wants to live forever.

Carrot, a seamless experience, meticulously crafted, from beginning to end.

And goat.

The WhiP Newsletter #103 – Friday, October 10

Bigger Fish to Fry

“( VIP is a great service. However, it is no longer the only service capable of serving clients at scale. We are winning more of those high-caliber clients that need the extra flexibility our stack offers.” Managed web host Pagely has celebrated its fifth birthday with new branding and a redesign – and a reaffirmed goal to compete with VIP. Post Status’ Brian Krogsgard talks to Pagely’s Josh Strebel about going after bigger fish.

Longreads joined Automattic in April and now that the storytelling site doesn’t have to stress about money, it’s making good on its original plan to give 100% of contributions to independent publishers and writers. has jumped on board with plans to match all contributions dollar for dollar.

Elegant Themes is again running its Customer Showcase Contest, this time with $12,000 in prizes up for grabs.

This week Torque talks to Nick Haskins, the developer and CEO at Aesop Story Engine. is now officially iThemes Training. According to CEO Cory Miller, the idea is that it will bring everything iThemes does under one roof and stop any confusion by having multiple domains and separate branding.

One-Stop Shop

Elegant Themes’s flagship product Divi has been touted as the “only theme you ever need” But can it stand up to the hype? We review Divi on the WPMU DEV Blog.

WP Explorer reviews SiteGround WordPress hosting.

Torque’s Shaun Quarton looks at the pros and cons of allowing comments on your website.

Does your reputation precede you? Writer Brenda Barron offers some tips on how to build creed as a WordPress developer.

Crowd Favorite’s Chris Lema reckons clients should be paying you for testing – and shouldn’t argue about it.

On DradCast this week is Patrick O’Keefe, author of Managing Online Forums.

Remote Control

How to automatically download remote images to your WordPress media library at WPMU DEV.

How to hide widget titles from the front-end of WordPress at WP Tavern.

How to increase social media activity on your website with Social Locker at Tuts+.

How to prevent duplicate titles at WP Tavern.


Developer Tom McFarlin explains how to use Codeship for continuous deployment of WordPress projects.

Get WordPress up and running with Grunt, Sass, Bourdon, and Neat.

And how to track conversions through Gravity Forms in Google Analytics.

Stop Judging Me

Note to future self….

Did you know the actor who played R2-D2 hated the actor who played C-3PO?