This Week in WordPress: Pakistan Blocks WordPress, Pagely Scales Up

This Week in WordPress: Pakistan Blocks WordPress, Pagely Scales Up

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Monday, March 23


(WordPress News)

Pakistan is blocking sites hosted on While there’s no official word on the reason why, blogs are attributing it to “security issues”over content on WordPress sites.

WordPress 4.2 Beta 2 is now available.

On the latest episode of WPWeekly, the WP Tavern guys talk to Stephen Cronin and Will Herring from Envato to discuss ThemeForest and WordPress themes.

Torque talks to Wired’s Jake Spurlock about the site’s recent overhaul and migration from 17 active blogs to one single WordPress install.

Cheap Hosting


CodeInWP’s list of the top 100 WordPress people to follow on Twitter.

“It astounds me that people constantly pay for shitty hosting and then suffer the consequences because their business suffers.” If you don’t love your web hosting company, Pippin Williamson says it’s time to find a new one.

Delicious Brains has an awesome and very detailed developers guide on how to contribute to WordPress core.

Building a brand isn’t just for business – it’s for you, too. Elegant Themes has a great rundown of how you can do it using WordPress.

If you run a WordPress consultancy, have you worked out what kind of contractual terms and expectations to put in place when taking on a new client? Lawyer Richard Best offers some great advice.

Slacking Off

(Plugins and Themes)

Sobe is a new personal-blogging theme that is now available in the theme directory.

For all your Slackers out there, Slack has released a standalone app for Windows.

Leveraging WordPress

(Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks)

Leveraging Chrome Developer Tools for WordPress Development (WPMU DEV)

Adding Custom Google Fonts to WordPress with Enqueue (WPMU DEV)

Backup Plugins Aren’t about Backing up, They’re about Restoring (WPMU DEV)

Getting Started With Advanced Custom Fields (tuts+).

Progressive Profiling – Have you started this yet? (Chris Lema).

How to Add a WordPress Site’s Pageview and Visitor Count to The iOS Notification Center (WP Tavern).

All the best for a thoughtful and productive Monday.

Tuesday, March 24


(WordPress News)

The Excerpt is a snippet of the new Post Status Draft podcast. It offers a taste of what’s offered to member’s ears only.

And WP Tavern looks at highlights from the recent WordCamp London.

Pissing All Over WordPress


Former WordPress community leader Jen Mylo has defended Drupal, even after seeing it pissing all over WordPress this week.

What do you tell people you do for a living? It can get frustrating trying to explain WordPress to the uninitiated. Chris Lema suggests having a bit of fun with it.

WordPress as we know it today began life as a fork of blogging software b2/Cafelog. WP Mayor looks at other WordPress software that’s been forked.

If you’re a WordPress developer, you may be bringing service rates down, according to Torque.

“By getting out of our sea and exploring the many, many islands of open source, we expose ourselves to the wonderful educational opportunities that other projects present.” The Easy Digital Downloads team have begun “Contributor Day Thursday,” where they each give back to an open-source project.


(Plugins and Themes)

Building a WordPress site for a niche business is a great way to hit the ground running, boosting sales and your online reputation.

Actionable Tips

(Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks)

100+ Actionable Tips to Help You Be More Productive (Kevin Muldoon).

5 Ways To Get More Clients With Facebook Ads (Elegant Themes).

How to Create Fantastic Content for Your Company Blog (WebDevStudios).

The Basics of How WordPress Works (Tom McFarlin).

Hell on Earth

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

“… the biggest take-home message I got from this experiment is that it was easier to avoid my computer all together than to go back to 56k.” Writer and artist Andrew Spaulding went back in time and says it was hell on Earth.

All the best for a thoughtful and productive Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 25

Let’s Be Friends

(WordPress News)

The team behind the Pods framework has launched Friends of Pods, a funding campaign inspired by the Public Television & Radio membership model and reward system.

The WordPress REST API plugin version 1.2 has been released after about nine months of development.

Jeff Chandler at WP Tavern previews the radically improved plugin install and update process in the upcoming WordPress 4.2 release.

Automattic designer and engineer Scott Evans talks to WP Tavern about designing the WordCamp London mascot.

Happytables 3 is taking on Squarespace and Wix, according to Post Status’ Brian Krogsgard. The hosted restaurant website solution is by the team at WordPress development agency Human Made,



“So though you may be working on projects that you love, there are aspects to the job that aren’t so glamorous.” Tom McFarlin writes about his confessions as a WordPress developer.

Up and Down

(Plugins and Themes)

Eighteen months ago, we introduced WP for iOS and WP for Android, enabling members to build beautiful and professional smartphone apps for WordPress. After careful consideration, we have decided to retire these apps.

Elegant Themes has reviewed a bunch of great options for monitoring your site’s uptime and downtime.


(Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks)

Working With WordPress User Roles and Capabilities (WP Shout).

Create a Robots.txt File to Boost WordPress SEO (WPMU DEV).

How To: Check over 2500 Free WordPress Themes for Speed using WPSpeedster (WP Lift).

All the best for a thoughtful and productive Wednesday.

Thursday, March 26

Double or Nothing

(WordPress News)

Pagely’s revenue has doubled in the past three quarters. The web host is now serving 30+ billion HTTP requests per month.

Trainer and coach, Bob Dunn, wants to know how you learn WordPress.

Shortcake, a plugin that adds a UI to make shortcodes more user-friendly, is now an official WordPress feature plugin.

NextGEN Gallery plugin users are being urged to update to the latest version after two security vulnerabilities were discovered earlier this month.

Reaching the Summit


Lawyer Richard Best has become the go-to resource for WordPress legal advice. In his latest post, he reflects on the contractual terms and policies you may require when setting up a Multisite network.

Here’s a great read on the Envato Market blog about gauging user experience and how to tell if your site design is working.

Sell with WP explores integrating AffiliateWP and WooCommerce to promote cruelty-free makeup products.

Developer Jan Koch, who organized the WP Summit, gives a behind the scenes look at how he put it together.

HeroPress’ Andrey Savchenko has written an inspiring essay about “finding your place.”

All Cashed Up

(Plugins and Themes)

To spend cash or not to spend cash? That is the question. We look at everything you need to know about buying premium themes in this comprehensive guide.

WP Lift has everything you need to know about starting a food blog.

And WebDevStudios explains how to use MailPoet to power subscriptions and newsletters.

All the Things

(Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks)

How to Get Your WordPress Site Ready for Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm (WP Tavern).

How to Tell Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using (WinningWP).

Debugging with Query String Parameters (Tom McFarlin).

Create a Simple CRM in WordPress: Adding Columns to WP_List_Table (tuts+).

How I Removed 106 Broken Links In Two Hours (WPossible).

The Best Free UI Kits from Around the Web (Elegant Themes).

Prefix All the Things (Theme Review).

Coding Best Practices: Preventing XSS in JavaScript ( VIP).

Because Physics

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

The best place to put your router, according to physics.

All the best for a thoughtful and productive Thursday.