This Week in WordPress: Meetup Debate and Happy Birthday WP!

This Week in WordPress: Meetup Debate and Happy Birthday WP!

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Bringing Home the Bacon – Newsletter #233

By Hook or By Crook

(WordPress News)

Last week,’s WordPress Essential Training course surpassed a significant milestone – 100,000 viewers. To celebrate, the course is available for free until June 18.

Hookr, a WordPress hook/API reference for developers, has entered beta with a new UI and support for 800+ plugins and themes.

BuddyPress 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available. In case you forgot, core contributor John James Jacoby launched ran a successful Indiegogo campaign last year, raising $50,000 so he could work full-time work on BuddyPress, bbPress, and GlotPress.

With a Little Help from My Friends


Is the WordPress community as helpful as folks make it out to be? Writer Brenda Barron ventures into the heart of WordPress.

Creating a website with WordPress is a bad idea, apparently. And here’s a post by an agency that doesn’t use WordPress anymore. Why all the WordPress hate? Chris Lema from Crowd Favorite says “you should stop using WordPress” posts are ridiculous.

Over at WebDevStudios, developer Michael Beckwith is giving his “five for the future” to BuddyPress.

Quid Pro Quo

(Themes and Plugins)

RCP MailChimp Pro for the Restrict Content Pro membership plugin offers advanced MailChimp integration.

WPHelpDesk is a premium ticketing system for WordPress. Here’s WP Mayor’s review.

Here’s how you can re-organize and improve the backend of WordPress with the WordPress Content Tabs plugin.

And WinningWP ranks seven drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress with ratings out of 10.

Turbo Boost

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

Accessibility for Modern Responsive Website Layouts(WebDesignerLedger).

Thoughts on WordPress and the MVC Pattern (Carl Alexander).

Quick Tips to Boost Your WordPress Website’s Speed: Further & Better Optimization (tuts+).

Sanitizing Multiple Values with the WordPress Settings API (Tom McFarlin).

WordPress Developers: How to Better Estimate Your Time (In 4 Steps)(Elegant Themes).

Bring Home the Bacon

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

Don’t all freelancers work less, earn more than regular folk and sit around in their pyjamas all day?

Look out, bacon is coming to a smartphone near you.

Onesie, obvs and ridic are now officially words. They’ve been added to the Scrabble dictionary. Lolz! (That’s also been added to the wordlist.)

Take a Walkthrough on the Wild Side – Newsletter #234

See You On the Flipside

(WordPress News)

We’re looking for a new marketing manager at WPMU DEV who can make our CEO look rubbish.

WP Tavern looks at how WordPress business owners are benefiting from publicly sharing revenue stats. Speaking of, here’s CodeInWP’s latest transparency report. is up for sale on Flippa.

On the latest WPWeekly and WPwatercooler podcasts, folks talk about the biggest news from the past week: Automattic’s acquisition of WooThemes.

In honor of David Letterman’s retirement and his own love of Desktop Server, Adam Silver gives his top 10 reasons why he loves the testing environment software on this week’s KitchensinkWP podcast.

Struggle Street


“The reality is that, after more than 10 years of continuous development by an army of expert developers, WordPress is one of the world’s most successful open source projects and no more bloated or unwieldy than any other platform of comparable size.” WPMU DEV on why WordPress is slow and bloated and you just need to get over it.

“Now it’s 2015 and WooCommerce as a service hasn’t come to fruition. This acquisition changes all of that.” The WooThemes acquisition through the eyes of former ninja Tom Harrigan.

“If the new front-end editor becomes a part of core, and is as seamless as reports are suggesting it could be, we may just get the what you see is what you get experience that we’re are looking for. It will also pretty much guarantee WordPress’ place as (dare I say it) king in a land of subpar blogging platforms.” Elegant Themes on the future of content creation in WordPress.

Developer Iain Poulson from WordPress agency Delicious Brains writes about the struggles that come with developing a commercial WordPress plugin.

Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

(Themes and Plugins)

On the WPMU DEV Blog, here are nine essential Multisite plugins every network admin should be using.

The folks who built the MotoPress drag and drop content editing plugin have released a new slider plugin.

Cover is a minimalist blogging theme that features support for Aesop Story Engine.

The Hello Security plugin aims to educate WordPress users about web security best practices.

Monitor and fix the broken external links on your site with Broken Link Checker.

Take a Walkthrough on the Wild Side

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

20 Free Chrome Extensions for WordPress You Need Now (WPMU DEV).

How to Create a Custom Author List Widget in WordPress (WPMU DEV).

A Walkthrough on Conditional Tags in WordPress: 14 to 26 (tuts+).

Sanitizing Arrays: The WordPress Settings API (Tom McFarlin).

Moving WordPress: Moving Your Site From a Subdirectory to the Root Directory (tuts+).

How to Add Custom Post Types to Tags and Categories in WordPress (WPMU DEV).

How to Create a WordPress Back End That’s Safe for Clients (Elegant Themes).

How I Would Solve Plugin Dependencies (Ryan McCue).

U Can’t Touch This

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

How good a touch typer are you? Here’s an addictive game to help you find out. (I can never hit that damn Q key!)

Remember the guy who offered to do site user testing while drunk? His friend’s mom wants in on the action.

The signatures of tech entrepreneurs and what their handwriting says about their personalities.

If you’re tired of Slackbot, why not add Kanye West to your channels?

Lastly, can you tell the difference between Helvetica Neue and San Francisco?

Something For the REST of Us – Newsletter #235

The Secret of the Unicorn

(WordPress News)

Microsoft has announced a new partnership with WordPress that will make it easier to transfer OneNote writings over to WordPress. In other words, they’ve released a free, new plugin to So far it has bee activated on 400+ installs since it was uploaded two weeks ago.

The latest edition of WP Engine’s Finely Tuned Consultant series features designer Michelle Schulp ahead of her 2015 WordCamp Miami panel, “How To Speak Unicorn: Improving Designer/Developer Collaboration.” has introduced new community translator tools to help make WordPress even more accessible to people around the world.

Developer Russell Aaron aspired to become a journalist, but somehow ended up being a WordPress “geek.” His story features in Cloudways’ latest Q&A.

WP Shout have been working on an eBook package on WordPress development for more than a year and it’s almost ready.

Something for the REST of Us


Mastering the art and science of image optimization is key to running a lean and efficient WordPress site. Our detailed guide covers everything you need to know to ensure your images perform at their best.

If you aren’t a developer, learning how the WordPress REST API works can be a struggle, says WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler.

Here are the two essential rules for working with remote clients. TL;DR: You should communicate promptly and appropriately and collect payment in stages.

And while we’re on the subject of working with clients, here’s how to nurture winning client relationships.

All Hope Is Not Lost

(Themes and Plugins)

Here’s how to onboard new staff (or in this case, new ninjas) using the Sensei LMS.

CloudPress is an app that lets you design a WordPress theme from scratch and customize it using drag and drop building tools.

Replace the BuddyPress mystery man with colorful identicons using the BuddyPress Identicons plugin.

Toivo gives “hope to beautiful, yet simple themes,” according to WP Mayor’s latest review.

Alice is a beautiful portfolio theme for agencies and freelancers.

The Download Manager plugin gives you the ability to create and store your downloads in a central location.

Catch Me If You Can

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

On Pause: The WordPress Settings API (tuts+).

Why HTTPS Is Not For Everyone? (Cloudways)

HHVM vs PHP 7 – The Competition Gets Closer! (Kinsta)

Multiple checkbox customizer control (Justin Tadlock).

Adding reCAPTCHA to WordPress Register, Login and Lost Password Forms with Profile Builder (Cozmoslabs).

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

Is your anniversary coming up? Maybe it’s your dad’s birthday soon? Spoil your loved ones with the perfect gift: WordPress swag.

Pub With No Beer – Newsletter #236

Happy Birthday!

(WordPress News)

Webdesigner News is a brilliant new news site created especially for designers that covers everything from vanilla web design to code demos, branding, and new apps. Articles are hand-picked by humans and reviewed by industry experts, so you only read the stories that matter. And if you’re too busy to check the site daily, there’s a neat newsletter.

Woah, it’s WordPress’ 12th birthday already? Matt Mullenweg joins the WP Tavern’s guys on the latest episode of WPWeekly to celebrate the occasion.

The WordPress Theme Review team is cracking down on violations of the presentation vs functionality guidelines.

Pub With No Beer


Should WordPress meetups be held at pubs and bars? In the UK this debate has divided people. On the one hand, some think meetups should be an alcohol-free zone, while others think there’s no harm in enjoying a beer. What do you think?

Is WordPress user-friendly? Apparently The Wall Street Journal thinks not.

Ghost or WordPress? Developer Daniel Pataki looks at the pros and cons of both platforms.

No Love Lost

(Themes and Plugins)

Not many aspects of web design and online marketing have the ability to divide opinion like pop-ups. The truth is, though, that everyone is using them.Here’s our round-up of the best pop-up plugins for WordPress.

If you find yourself editing pages often and need a quick way to switch between them, give the Fast Page Switch plugin a go.

Can’t Be Tamed

(Tutorials, Tips and Tricks)

How to Tame Your WordPress Dashboard Like a Jurassic World Velociraptor Trainer (Torque).

How to Properly Showcase User Generated Content (WooThemes).

How to Duplicate WordPress Custom Menus (WPMU DEV).

Refactoring Input Sanitization with The WordPress Settings API (Tom McFarlin).

11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress (CodeInWP).

Color Balance

(Off-Topic, Random Stuff)

The US government has 650 official colors. Can you tell them apart?

Here’s what your email management strategy says about you.

If your work/life balance is out of whack, try one of these six tech hacks.

If you love Moleskin, you’ll love Timepage, a new calendar app for iPhone by the folks at, you guessed it, Moleskin.