This Week in WordPress: JJJ Almost There, and 4.1 Plugin Recommendations

This Week in WordPress: JJJ Almost There, and 4.1 Plugin Recommendations

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The WhiP Newsletter #135

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Just Another Manic Monday

It’s Cyber Monday and your last chance to make the most of the WordPress deals currently doing the rounds. For details on what’s on offer, check out the round-ups at Elegant Themes and Code In WP.

WordPress management service ManageWP has reached a couple of exciting milestones: one million downloads of the ManageWP WordPress plugin and 250,000 websites being managed through ManageWP.

John James Jacoby is just $6000 away from reaching his $50,000 goal. John is crowdfunding so he can work full-time on BuddyPress, bbPress, and GlotPress for six months. There are just 10 days left of his campaign.

WordCamp Hawaii has been announced for February 13-14 in Maui. Organizers are looking for speakers and sponsors.

The latest episode of Matt Report features Brian Casel, who recently launched Productize, a service that helps you productize your consulting service.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

The ability to drag and drop has come a long way since WordPress 2.7 introduced drag and drop widgets. To help you wrap your head around how drag and drop has evolved, Elegant Themes have put together a guide to all the WordPress systems that allow you to use drag and drop.

Here’s one for theme designers/developers: Envato has posted tips for getting through the ThemeForest review process.

There are lots of WordPress groups on Facebook, not just the Advanced WordPress Group. Check out WP Mayor’s round-up of groups.

If you regularly have the grammar police on your tail, have you stopped and wondered whether your typos are also impacting your code? Sucuri explains how typos can have a bigger impact on your site than you may think.

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

WooThemes’ new default theme for WooCommerce racked up almost 10,000 downloads during its first week.

Major performance improvements are coming to Jigoshop 2.0. The upcoming release will be three times faster than version 1.x when comparing the performance of browsing product lists, adding shopping cart items and other tasks. The Jigoshop plugin was forked by WooThemes in 2011 to create WooCommerce.

On the WPMU DEV Blog, we name our picks for the best, free WordPress gallery plugins.

“We know what you’re thinking. No, this isn’t too good to be true, and no, these WordPress themes are not crap. In fact, we think they are pretty great. We created Modern Themes to give back to the web community. Well coded, great looking, bloat-free WordPress themes reasonably priced at $0.” ModernThemes is a new WordPress theme site dedicated to giving away free themes. And the themes are actually really nice.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme (WPMU DEV).

Creating Cool Custom Controls for the WordPress Theme Customizer (WPMU DEV).

Creating WordPress Theme Options With the Theme Customization API(WPMU DEV).

How To White Label The WordPress Dashboard (Elegant Themes).

Getting Started with WordPress Taxonomies (Tom McFarlin).


Some Japanese have invented a prawn cannon that gives new meaning to “throw another shrimp on the barbie.”

If you’ve ever been stuck talking to someone you thought would never shut up, here are some research-based tips on how to politely end a conversation.

All the best for a kick-ass Monday.

The WhiP Newsletter #136

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A Space Odyssey

“If each spam comment were one kilometre, the total number of spam comments Akismet flagged in November would be enough for 9 one-way trips to Saturn.” Last month, Akismet caught 12,204,897,000 spam messages, and broke 500 million spam messages caught in a single day.

A whole bunch of people, from WebDevStudios’ Suzette Franck to Crowd Favorite’s Chris Lema join the latest episode of WP Watercooler to talk about their favorite plugins, and even those they don’t like so much.

Everything is 40% off at iThemes for the rest of this month.

With Twenty Fifteen almost here, Torque has put together an in-depth review of the upcoming default theme.

Developer Tom McFarlin mulls over the idea of extensions in WordPress and debates whether they will become popular or not for WordPress themes and plugins.

A Christmas Carol

The countdown to Christmas has begun! To help you get into the Christmas spirit, we’ve put together a fun list of free Christmas plugins.

Elegant Themes gives an overview of Gravity Forms and what it has to offer.

Fifty Shades of Actions

Fifty Actions of WordPress – An Introduction (tuts+).

Getting Started with Bootstrap (Envato Market Blog).

3 Principles For Perfect Typeface Pairing (Sitepoint).


“One study, published in 2012, of nearly twelve thousand adolescents in eleven European countries, found a 4.4 percent prevalence of what the authors termed “pathological Internet use”… through a combination of excessive time spent online and that time interfering with necessary social and professional activities, Internet use would result in either mental distress or clinical impairment, akin to the type of inability to function associated with pathological gambling.” Internet addiction is a thing.

24 ways is an advent calendar for web geeks. Each day in the lead up to Christmas, a new design or development tip will be released on topics like what it takes to build a website and how to deal with Git emergencies. Happy holidays!

All the best for a beautiful Tuesday.

The WhiP Newsletter #137

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Pressed For Success

WP Engine is sponsoring John James Jacoby, the BuddyPress project lead, to work on HHVM compatibility for the social networking plugin. During this month, John will work with the WP Engine Labs team and web development agency 10up to make the experience for performant BuddyPress on HHVM a reality. The web host launched its new enterprise HHVM WordPress hosting platform last week.

While we’re on the topic of JJJ, he has just eight days left of his crowdfunding campaign to work six months full-time on BuddyPress, bbPress, and GlotPress. He needs another $6000 or he’ll have to pay huge fees on the cash that’s been donated. If you can spare a few dollars, pitch in before it’s too late.

Dawn Patrol, a community experiment featuring video clips of WordCamp participants from across the world, has been updated with clips from WordCamp Cape Town and WordCamp Poland.

The guys at WP Tavern are thankful in the latest episode of WPWeekly, and mull over the upcoming release of WordPress and the fact there are now more than 20 WordPress podcasts.

Speaking of podcasts, developer Tom McFarlin is thinking about setting up his own monthly, 20 minute round table conversation featuring opinions on some of the news and happenings in the WordPress community.

Security service Sucuri is warning InfiniteWP users to update ASAP after discovering a vulnerability that could be used by hackers to disable a website by putting it in maintenance mode and also control the content of the maintenance page.

Salmon Rushdie, Just Because

If you haven’t yet checked out Reactor, a new app builder by the team behind AppPresser, here’s Torque’s glowing review.

And if you want to give Reactor a go, try it for free for 14 days or take advantage of AppPresser’s December sale.

If you want to use just one module in Jetpack, say Markdown, and you don’t need the other gazillion modules, web engineer Anas Sulaiman has created a set of extracted plugins. WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding talks to Anas about his work.

Nested Pages is a new plugin that enables drag and drop page management, allowing you to sort your pages to reflect your menu structure.


Our best pro WP tools in one bundle

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Following on from our post earlier in the week featuring plugins to add Christmas cheer to your site, WP Lift has put together its own round-up of free holiday plugins.

Here are 20 themes to revamp your site for the coming new year over at Hongkiat.

At Webloggerz, 10 lazy load plugins to make your site faster.

And over at WP Tavern, find out how to add wedding registry links to your website with the Bean Registry plugin.

Turn Them on or Off

Learning PHP for WordPress Development: A Comprehensive Guide (WPMU DEV).

The WordPress Visual Editor: Tips And Tricks for Beginners (WP Explorer).

How to Send a Quick Email With an Attachment From The WordPress Admin(WP Tavern).

Automatic WordPress Updates: How To Turn Them On Or Off And Decide Which Is Right For You (Elegant Themes).

How to Create a High-Converting Email Opt-in Form (WooThemes).

What You Need to Know about Authentication for the JSON REST API (Torque).

Don’t Leave It to Salmon Else

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race… Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” Stephen Hawking has warned artificial intelligence could kill us all. Still, he’s been an enthusiastic adopter of new technologies that help him speak.

And the difference between Java and JavaScript, for all the coders out there.

All the best for a wonderful Wednesday.

The WhiP Newsletter #138

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Tina Tuna

WordPress 4.1 will introduce plugin recommendations. After a recent update to the API, users will be able to access a list of recommended plugins. The recommendations will take into account the plugins a user has installed and suggest other plugins based on which ones are commonly used together, kind of like a shopping cart that recommends products based on what’s in the cart.

The first WordCamp Salvador is on this weekend. WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding talks to co-organizer Leo Baiano about the growing WordPress community in Brazil.

“I don’t know what the answer is to having a great community engagement/discussion experience in WordPress but Jetpack Comments, bbPress, IntenseDebate, and the native comment system isn’t cutting it.” Jeff Chandler over at WP Tavern talks tough after jMonkeyEngine announced it was ditching bbPress in favor of Discourse for its game developer community hub.

Security service Sucuri is warning WP Download Manager users to update right away after discovering a dangerous remove code execution and remote file inclusion vulnerability in the plugin. The vulnerability allow malicious users to take control of a website by uploading backdoors and modifying user passwords.

Lastly, WordPress 4.1 is due out next week. Our verdict? It’s distraction free in anyone’s language.


“You can easily assemble a crew of WordPress developers and designers, buy decent hosting, pick one of the free or premium WordPress themes, install some plugins, begin creating WordPress products, and start your own WordPress shop. Weeell no, not exactly.” ThematoSoup co-founder Dragan Nikolic writes about his experience starting a WordPress company.

On this latest episode of Matt Report, Clint Warren, the founder of web design and marketing agency Stacked, talks about how WordPress saved his career after time in jail.

ManageWP founder Vladimir Prelovac offers some advice to WordPress web development agencies looking to expand business, namely, how you can almost automate the influx of quality leads.

And WP Mayor offers an overview of the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin.

Cod Stewart

ThemeShaper have offered Eventbrite integration on for a while with two dedicated themes. The Automattic theme division have now released the plugin that powers those themes, plus an Eventbrite API plugin.

WP Kube looks at six drag and drop page builders (WP Beaver Builder, VelocityPage, Visual Composer, etc).

WebDevStudios offers some tips on how to create a living style guide for your next project. is a new plugin designed to keep user-generated outbound links on your website under control

Nina Salmone

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme (Envato Market Blog).

What Is The ROI Of Social Media? (Elegant Themes).

Don’t Get Lost In Translation: How To Conduct Website Localization (Smashing Magazine).

The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Taxonomies: Themes or Plugins? (tuts+).

And Salmon Rushdie

Sony Pictures seems to have suffered the most embarrassing and all-encompassing hack of internal corporate data ever made public. And they’re blaming North Korea.

There are more than 1200 active satellites orbiting earth right now, taking pictures, relaying communications, broadcasting locations, even spying on you. Thanks to a database compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Quartz has put together a fascinating look at the world above us.

All the best for a cool Thursday.

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The WhiP Newsletter #139

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Game of CMSs

“If there’s one thing Matt and his team have done well, it’s branding… What is WordPress known for? Simplicity… The funny thing, however, is that it simply isn’t the easiest CMS out there but none of that matters because, for years, they’ve been telling you it is and so has everyone else… That’s in no way a slam against WordPress or the people using it either. It’s simply the way marketing works and has worked for years. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and WordPress certainly wins that battle.” CMS Critic’s Mike Johnston sets out what it would take to dethrone WordPress.

On this week’s episode of WPWeekly, WP WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler talks to Happy Joe founder James Dalman about how his non-profit organization is helping US veterans with entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

And in other podcast news, this week’s episode of Dradcast features designer and developers Chris Coyier, who is the founder of CSS-Tricks and co-founder of CodePen.

Here’s another look at what’s coming up in WordPress 4.1, this time at Web Designer Depot.

The team at WooThemes are still on cloud nine after WooConf. They’ve posted a short video from the conference where they asked participants what they thought of the event.

Graphic designer Michelle Schulp writes about improving designer and developer collaboration in a lesson on how to speak unicorn at Torque.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choosing a WordPress theme is easy for some and difficult for others. In a typically comprehensive article, Smashing Magazine looks at what you need to consider when choosing a theme for your website.

Five Beers is a free AJAX-powered child theme for Twenty Fifteen.

It’s been barely two weeks since Storefront was released and WooThemes have already put together a lookbook.

iThemes Security has been updated with WP-CLI commands, the ability to disable proxy detection and temporary whitelisting via Sync.

WP Solver lists 15 themes for lawyers and legal professionals.

WP Mayor is promoting Visual Developer, which allows custom CSS for WordPress, and WP Media Folder, which lets you organize your media files.

All the Things

Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Themes, Plugins, Products and Services (WP Explorer).

How to Find the Number of Feedly Subscribers to Your Blog (WP Tavern).

How to Make a Line Break Instead of a Paragraph in WordPress (Steven Liebe).

Configuring Product Settings in WooCommerce (tuts+).

Using Transients with WordPress to Cache All the Things! (WebDevStudios).


From the Polaroid camera to Facebook, the Euro and Kitty Litter, Bloomberg Businessweek lists 85 of the most disruptive ideas in our history to celebrate 85 years of publication.

Looking for a cheap car? (This is the best website ever. Look out for the random chicken!)

All the best for a top Friday and a brilliant weekend.