Display Unique WordPress Headers Wherever You’d Like

Display Unique WordPress Headers Wherever You’d Like

Easy customization is the reason so many people choose to go with WordPress in the first place.

As there’s nearly nothing that stands out on your site as much as your header, being able to customize that element according to what category, Page, Post, or even tag page you’re on can make quite a significant impact.

If you’d like that type of control, then it’s easy enough to do.

Two WordPress Plugins for Unique Headers

You’ll just need to download two plugins that will work together to let you set up custom headers where you’d like.

The first is called Unique Headers.

The second is called Taxonomy Metadata.

Once you have the plugins installed and activated, you’ll see upload boxes in various places that will let you upload your unique headers.

For categories, go to Posts > Categories > hover over the category title and “edit” it. On the Edit Category page at the bottom, you’ll see a spot for your unique header.

Tags work the same way. Go to Posts > Tags > then follow the same procedure.


For Posts and Pages, you’ll see a new section below the spot where you upload featured images on the write/edit screen.


And that’s it. You can customize to your heart’s content.