What To Expect In BuddyPress 1.9

What To Expect In BuddyPress 1.9

BuddyPress 1.9 is already in the oven!

BuddyPress 1.8 was just released and work for 1.9 is already underway. The tentative scope and timeline for 1.9 was announced last week on the BuddyPress Development blog. Given the success of the last release, the team is shooting for another speedy release cycle this time around.

Development has already begun on the following new items. Here’s what you’ll have to look forward to in BuddyPress 1.9:

  • New template pack – to include all the major templates for BuddyPress. Learn how to get involved and follow the project on github.
  • Move user ‘last_activity’ out of wp_usermeta – This is essentially moving where BuddyPress stores user and group last_activity to make queries and sorting more efficient.
  • Better two-way sync of activity comments with sources like forum replies and blog comments
  • Migrating to the WP Rewrite API – This is a major task that will be headed up by John James Jacoby. It involves creating a new rewrite architecture that is more in line with WordPress best practices.
  • Custom Post Type enhancements: better activity stream integration as well as dashboard support for turning them on/off
  • Codex cleanup and refresh

The most visible changes will include the brand new template pack as well as getting the activity stream to show updates for custom post types. All the backend enhancements will be pretty much invisible but will bring a faster, smoother experience to BuddyPress users everywhere.

The targeted release date for BuddyPress 1.9 is November 7, 2013 with the first beta hopefully making an appearance in early October. If this release stays on schedule we’re due for some very exciting BuddyPress updates in just a couple of months. Make sure you’re subscribed and we’ll give you a full tour of the new features as soon as they are ready for testing.