WPMU DEV Q3 Roadmap Round-up (This One’s A *Whopper*!)

WPMU DEV Q3 Roadmap Round-up (This One’s A *Whopper*!)

We’ve turned the corner and the back half of 2018 is already upon us – and your Quarter 3 is looking extra productive thanks to all the improvements coming to your WPMU DEV WordPress Toolkit.

We publish an overview of our development plans at the top of each quarter so you can prepare and help shape our products with your suggestions. It’s a big win for all of us!

Active installs of sites benefiting from our SuperHero toolkit have gone wild with plugins like Hummingbird seeing a massive 285% increase in usage and Smush climbing toward 2 million users.

Thank you for your brilliant feedback! Together we’re making some pretty cool shhtuff.

Now, if you’re done patting yourself on the back, let’s get to the real goodies ;) What WordPress magic does the WPMU DEV Q3 Roadmap have in store for you?

Forminator 1.3+: Pile on the Integrations and Gutenberg Blocks

Forminator WordPress Plugin - WPMU DEV
Forminator has been unleashed!

Forminator was *quietly* released last quarter (not like us, I know) but we couldn’t wait to have our users put it through the paces.

It’s already being touted as one of the easiest form building experiences in the Milky Way, but we’ve got our sights set on the universe.

So while Forminator already carries the stability of our other premium plugins, some of our Pro features are still being baked in (you really should give it a go if you haven’t tried it yet).

In the next few weeks you’ll see new integrations like Campaign Monitor and AWeber. Plus, we’re using your feedback to improve layouts and form fields.

And we’re unlocking Forminator with a full-stack developer API. Hook in the integration you want – no more waiting!

Did somebody say Gutenberg? The new WordPress editor is coming soon and with it a new block page builder. Forminator is going to make form building dreamy with Gutenberg. We’re pretty excited about our block work.

And if there’s one thing we know you can’t live without, it’s calculators! Don’t worry… it’s on the books.

The official Forminator announcement is coming and trust me, It’s gonna be huge.

Now In QA: Smush Pro High-Power Clusters And 2x Smushing

Smush WordPress Plugin - WPMU DEV
Compress those images for a faster site!

Last quarter we highlighted our plans to build a new set of API Clusters for our members that improve Smush compression by up to 200%. And our developers have delivered big.

This upgrade comes with cleaner, sharper compression and massive savings.

“So, tell me something I don’t know.”

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been working hard to standardize our user experience and our designers are crushing it. Smush 2.8 will have all the elements of our streamlined interface.

New look. New dashboard. 200% faster. Sounds like magic. :)

If you’re tired of all the GDPR hoopla you can just jump to the next section…Smush is getting its own section in the GDPR policy (yeah data protection).

Hummingbird 1.9.2: Give It All The Hooks!

Hummingbird WordPress plugin - WPMU DEV
Boost your performance with Hummingbird!

Now installed on +100,000 sites, Hummingbird is proving to be a crowd favorite for performance optimization.

Last quarter we focused on giving Hummingbird the most robust cache system for WordPress and our all new interface design.

In this quarter, we’re making it so you can completely control Hummingbird from the Hub.

Perhaps more beneficial are the API hooks this opens to developer users. Set your own gzip and browser tracking triggers or pull report information directly into Slack with a custom Slack integration. What will you build?

Other upgrades include options for clearing logs and the ability to regenerate individual files in minify along with UI improvements and regular bug fixes.

Defender 2.0: Refined Security for the Pros

Defender WordPress Plugin - WPMU DEV
Defend yourself!

We’re adding even more granular controls for Defender 2-Factor Authentication. Require 2-Factor based on user role. And we’re extending masking for other WPMU DEV plugins and features including Pro Sites, Domain Mapping and 2-Factor.

Did anyone notice you can no longer deactivate the ability to upload XML files in WordPress? Don’t worry. Defenders got your back. We’re adding it as a simple security tweak. You can turn it off or on as you need it, hassle-free.

Finally, we’ve got our eyes on Avada theme compatibility and improved screen reader compatibility for 2-Factor.

No excuses! Giving your site the perfect combination of layered security is easier than ever.

Hustle 3.0.5: Final Testing

Hustle plugin - WPMU DEV
Turn on the Hustle!

Ready to start winning?! Hustle’s got the swagger it takes to grow your business with targeted slide-ins, pop-ups, opt-ins and more.

You want more integrations and we keep serving them up ;) Next on the docket we have Zapier, SendGrid and FeedBlitz. And boom goes the dynamite.

Next, we’re adding a duplicate button so you can quickly set up multiple variations or work from a template pop-up.

And, helllooo new display condition. We added a new way to target users with the ability to hide a pop-up after a user subscribes.

And of course we’re making some smooth UI/UX upgrades, a simple local list unsubscribe option for GDPR compliance, performance improvements, and continuing to squash compatibility bugs.

Hustle is the ultimate charmer (swoon).

Hub 2.0 (Or Should We Say Two Point Woowooo?!): It’s The Hub’s Crispr Upgrade

The Hub - WPMU DEV
Hub mobile is coming!

We gave our site a fancy overhaul and we’re continuing with styling consistency from front to back. But this isn’t just about pretty. It’s all about improved functionality.

We’re making it easier to sort and organize your sites, clarifying language and upgrading controls.

Are you a site manager on-the-go? Soon you’ll have the full power of the Hub in the palm of your hand. We’ve got a full-feature mobile version in the pipeline!

You’re gonna absolutely love the new and improved Hub experience.

What’s More?

Keep an eye on the Roadmap! We’ve got projects in the wings that we can’t wait to share.

And if you’ve got an idea for the next big thing at WPMU DEV, we want to hear it. Click here and tell us what you want (what you really, really want…no?), we read and evaluate every request…promise.

With everything we’re serving up, if you aren’t already a WPMU DEV member, it’s time! Grab a 30-day free trial here. You really can’t afford not to. :)

Share your ideas in the comments or send in your feature requests using the Q3 feature request form. We look forward to your reply!
Joshua Josh Dailey is a sales copy and content marketer for WPMU DEV. He built a successful media production and marketing business using WordPress products and services before joining WPMU DEV in 2012.