Get Your White Label WordPress Branding Groove On With Branda 3.0

Get Your White Label WordPress Branding Groove On With Branda 3.0

Ultimate Branding, our white label plugin for completely rebranding WordPress just got a well-deserved superhero upgrade. Say hello to Branda! Simple stunning white label branding, maintenance mode, and coming soon landing pages, all the rebranding WordPress can handle, and some it can’t… Groove on.

Branda is the Branding Hero WordPress Has Been Looking For!

Need a custom login screen for WordPress? Want to replace all the WordPress logos with your own? What about maintenance mode or coming soon pages?

WordPress branding is all over your login page, dashboard, system emails, footers, menus, and code. Branda lets you completely white label your CMS.

If you’re looking for a complete rundown of features, jump over to the plugin page to learn more about how Branda can be used to transform the WordPress dashboard. But really, if you’re at all interested, download Branda for free.

Branda 3.0 (the plugin formerly known as Ultimate Branding)

Branda coming soon pages for WordPress
Build custom coming soon and maintenance mode pages with countdown timers.

Now onto the good stuff. It’s no secret that I’ve been a Branda fan dating back since her humble beginnings. Branda has amassed +30 modules for customizing the dashboard. To get the functionality Branda offers would take hundreds of complex plugin combinations.

As you already know, not a good idea. It complicates site management, increases the chances of plugin conflicts, and creates more potential security vulnerabilities. Branda is the one white label branding plugin you need.

Now, with an epic new interface.

Bulk select customization modules Branda
Branda lets you bulk manage customization modules.

So much control may sound complicated, but Branda 3.0 makes quick work of even simple tasks like adding a custom favicon or embedding a widget into your client’s dashboard.

Bulk Manage Customization

Activate Branda, select the customizations you need, and get started with a click.

Improve the admin area, upgrade and style system emails, add custom dashboard widgets and activate new utilities. Branda has five categories for quickly branding.

Custom white label modules for WordPress branding
Branda comes packed with everything you need to white label WordPress from front to back.

Set Up Branda Once and Move Her to All Your Sites

If you’re managing a bunch of sites, you can use Branda’s import/export tool to move your custom styles with ease. Use the same options across your client sites to streamline production and still offer a custom dashboard experience.

Hooray for New Themes

We’ve talked about the UX, but Branda has some stellar new looks starting with 3 new Login screen themes you can use to make fast changes – AbstractTag, Blue Tree, and Balloons.

Balloon theme login screen customization
Branda includes some smooth looking templates for letting you customize quickly

Branda includes templates for emails, the login screen, coming soon pages, maintenance mode, DB error messages, cookie notices, and more.

GDPR, Cookies, and You

We all want to treat our user’s data with respect. Some plugins just make it easier. Branda has built-in cookie opt-in notifications and 3.0 comes with new styling options.

Very cool.

Cookie notification opt\-in customizations
Do cookie opt-in notifications with style. Customize and comply.

And for moving, storing, and managing settings you can choose exactly what Branda saves and tracks. Clear settings and log data when moving configurations from site-to-site.

All-In-One CMS White Label Plugin for WordPress

It’s everything you loved about Ultimate Branding but better. More control and better organized. As a long time user Branda 3.0 has my heart (but I’ve always been a bit bias).

If you’re on the fence about Branda, you don’t need me to convince you. Start using Branda absolutely free. Yep, Free.

Are you a long time Branda (Ultimate Branding) User? What features do you use the most and what features could we add? Talk to us in the comments.

Aileen Javier

Aileen Javier Aileen has over 10 years of experience in content writing and content marketing. She’s handled content teams, planned editorial calendars, and managed projects. She’s also written blogs, web copy, social media posts, and email newsletters for brands in different industries.