Let Your Voice Be Heard! Q1 Roadmap Round-up

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Q1 Roadmap Round-up

2017 ended with a survey, the launch of our roadmap and a commitment to producing quarterly reports. We’re celebrating a wildly successful 2018. So today we continue the tradition with our 2019 Q1 Roadmap Round-up!

What exactly do we do with your feedback? A whole helluva lot!

Your 2018 requests resulted in our most ambitious year with the development of 4 major products.

All this while polishing the style and design of your favorites and pushing some pretty huge upgrades like Smush 3.0 and the WPMU DEV Dashboard.

(TL;DR If you’re not a member… you should really just jump over and sign up now using our no-risk free trial.)

What tricks do we have up our sleeve for Q1?

Say goodbye to the beta tags. We’re looking to bring everything to production. In terms of stability, uptime and overall awesomeness, our betas are firing on all cylinders. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our upgrade packages and we’ll be ready for the big leagues.

So here’s what we’ve got planned for the next few months.

Hosting 1.0 (Production Powers)

Sign-up now and get 3 sites free included with your membership.

Over 1,000 sites are already running on our basic hosting container package. What’s missing? Simple upgrade options. Quarter one is all about making it easy to manage your hosting accounts.

And of course, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start taking advantage of the blazing speeds and dedicated resources, including memory and SSD storage. As a member you have three sites included with your membership

Be on the lookout, ‘cause we’ve got our announcement with all the bells and whistles planned and can’t wait for the official product launch. Coming soon!

Ultimate Branding 3.0 (Get it guuurl!)

Branda featured image roadmap
Branda 3.0 is in her final stages of testing.

Update: 02/19/2019 Ultimate Branding got a superhero upgrade. Welcome Branda 3.0 with refactored code, an all new UI/UX, new style templates, and bulk module controls.

Last quarter Ultimate Branding started an epic transformation to Branda. Talk about a rebranding :) A few days from now the transformation will be complete.

“Branda is everything you love about Ultimate Branding – but with a style upgrade and a leaner code base.

Update: 06/01/2020 Branda can now be downloaded for free from the WordPress plugin repository. Get Branda here.

Complete every site with a white-labeled WordPress dashboard, custom login screens, logos, and colors, simple coming soon, countdown, maintenance mode modules, and branded system emails.”

Fans of Ultimate Branding are going to love the new interface that integrates with the all-new dashboard hero hider. White label for white labeling… it’s white label inception.

Shipper 1.0 (The Great Migration)

Shipper migration makes it easy to move sites from host to host and staging to live.

Shipper is our brand new full-site migration tool for easily moving your site from host to host or from local to production. Install and run.

Moving your site shouldn’t be such a chore. Shipper uses WPMU DEV servers to do the heavy lifting.

Now that’s some good stuff. :)

Hustle 3.0.7 – (Gutenberg, Meet Hustle)

Hustle Roadmap Featured image
The Hustle Gutenberg block will make it even easier to add your marketing opt-ins to posts and pages.

Hustle is your one-stop-for-everything-marketing plugin for WordPress. And he just keeps getting better. Generate leads, increase social engagement, and grow your mailing list.

Soon Hustle will get a special integration with the new WordPress editor. The Hustle block will make it super simple to add your pop-ups, slide-ins, and opt-ins to your posts and pages. No more copy and paste shortcodes.

Forminator – Poll and Quiz integrations

Forminator featured image
Forminator is getting poll and quiz integrations.

Forminator is still just a fledgling when it comes to WordPress form builders but it already packs some serious punch.

You absolutely love the form integrations and how easy it is to connect with thousands of other services. For 1.7, we’re bringing integrations to Polls and Quizzes.

Super Team, Super Powers

Our team is made up of nearly 100 WordPress professionals and we are still growing (Interested in joining the team? Checkout our job board.) Our official 2019 survey is on its way, but if you have a must-have feature you can’t wait to share with us tell us about it here.

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Aileen Javier
Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV