Literature Review: ‘WordPress 3.3 User Guide’ by Interconnect IT

Literature Review: ‘WordPress 3.3 User Guide’ by Interconnect IT

Guide to using WordPress 3.3With WordPress 3.3 now in full swing, authors and publishers are busy upgrading the multitude of guidebooks and manuals out there, to accommodate the latest version of the software.

This year we’ll be trying to review as much WordPress literature as we can, and we welcome suggestions from the community on any good resources that we’ve haven’t covered yet.

Today we’ve got our hands on a manual entitled the ‘WordPress 3.3 User Guide’, put together by Interconnect IT, a UK-based WordPress firm.

About the WordPress 3.3 User Guide

This 89 page manual introduces the reader to all the fundamental aspects of using WordPress 3.3. It doesn’t cover advanced topics like theme and plugin development. The focus is on the end-user experience, and the guide is aimed at a beginner, non-technical audience.

If you’re already proficient or semi-proficient with WordPress, then this document won’t be of much use to you personally. The WordPress 3.3 User Guide is for newbies, and people who need to educate newbies.

The guide is available for download from the Interconnect IT website. It comes in three flavors:

A guide to using WordPress 3.3 for beginners

  1. A free PDF version, which includes the full content with compressed, lower-quality images.
  2. A paid version of the PDF document, with higher resolution images. Price: $6
  3. A white label version of the guide in .docx format. This version is fully editable and can be rebranded for third party use. Aimed at WordPress professionals who want to supply documentation to their clients. Price: $120

Note: Until January 13, you can get the paid versions of this manual at a discounted price, using the code WOW33 on the download page. The code reduces the PDF from $6 to $3 and the .docx file from $120 to $80.

The team at Interconnect IT have been publishing this guide since 2006, and have overhauled the content with every new version of WordPress since then. According to their website, the new content for WordPress 3.3 includes:

  • New screenshots
  • Images edited for improved visibility
  • Various copy improvements
  • Addition of plugin list
  • Addition of theme provider list
  • Addition of WordPress As A Service Section

Upgrading your manual

Everyone who purchases the editable version of the manual receives a voucher entitling them to the next version, when it is released, at a discounted price of $40.

Interconnect IT will also give you a free upgraded copy of their WordPress User Guide, if a new version of WordPress is released within six weeks of your original purchase.

Our take on the guide

The Good

  • Comprehensive structure. The guide gives a solid, broad sense of how WordPress works, and presents the information in a fairly approachable manner for total novice users.
  • Interactive. The manual includes practical exercises, which encourage the reader to try out the things they’ve learnt as they progress through the reading material
  • Cheap! If you only want the standard PDF version, you can’t really argue with a $6 price tag.

The bad

  • The writing isn’t great. The use of language is a bit sloppy, and we found a handful of small typos throughout the manual. This doesn’t detract from the educational value of the guide, but it does make it less pleasant to read.
  • Assumed knowledge. While the guide is intended for people with essentially zero WordPress experience, there are a handful of instances where WordPress functions are mentioned without being properly explained.

The Verdict

Instruction manual for WordPress 3.3The WordPress 3.3 User Guide contains a lot of useful information for first time WP users. People who only need to use the platform for day-to-day blogging and CMS duties, without worrying too much about the technical aspects, could benefit a lot from this manual.

The content, while factually and logically sound, is presented in a package that could use a little more polish. With a bit of copy editing, this could be a very good WordPress resource.

Interconnect IT generously offer a free version of the PDF file on their website, so you should definitely check that out as a starting point. (And remember, you can get the high-res version for a paltry $3 if you buy before January 13).

If you buy the white label version of this guide to distribute to your clients, there’s a good chance you’ll want to do a bit of editing first. Get your hands on the PDF, read through it, and then decide if the .docx is worth the investment and something that your clients could benefit from.

[Editor’s note: Interconnect IT no longer seems to publish this resource. Check out if you are looking for a comprehensive WordPress client training manual.]


Image credits: Open Book, Instruction Manual and Decision from Bigstockphoto.

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